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Cant connect to a website

Well i've been trying to connect to for more than 3 months, all i see is a blank page, i know it's there as everyone can surf it execpt me.

I have no idea what the problem could be.

i'm using winXP sp2
outpost firewall

TA in advanced Happy

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Reporting: Cant connect to a website
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Re: Cant connect to a website


From what I've read about your firewall you may have blocked this site. Try turning off outpost firewall and use XPs' firewall, may need to reboot.

Try your web site, if you can access the site then you will have to configure OUtpost to allow access to this site.


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Re: Cant connect to a website

Go into a command window and type
ping (end command with enter).
With me, it returns an url ( and then a time out on the 4 ping requests. And with you?

"Everyone can surf it"?
Do those everyones have the same provider?

Did you already try it in a different browser? Assuming you now use IE, go to and download either the full Mozilla or Firefox 1.0 and try that.


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Re: Cant connect to a website

Well, shutting down outpost didn't helped me.

When im pingin the website i get 'request timed out'
And yes, i'm the only one whos having that problem from my ISP.

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Why only answer half my questions?

Questions still open:
1. What ip-address does ping show?
2. Can you view the site with Mozilla or Firefox?


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And two more questions;

3. If you type the url in the address bar of IE, what's in the address bar when it shows a blank page as an answer?
4. View>Source and post the first twenty lines of the source code (replacing < by { and > by }), which you can easily do in Notepad.


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Re: And two more questions;
2.I'm currently using firefox, changing browsers don't help
3.Address bar is left blank ( I get an error says The doucment contains no data )
4. Source is blank aswell.

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"This document contains no data."


A google search gives several hits (and I didn't include google groups yet) varying from proxy settings (compare them with friends with the same ISP where it works), ad blockers, and this one for a firefox setting: And did you already look other settings (like blocked sites)?

IE might give another message? Then search for that also.

Hope this helps.


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Re: "This document contains no data."

Well, i thought it could be an ad blocker, ive disabled the one that is builtin in firefox & IE. Still cant load the website.
Could it be norton antivirus that cause that problem?

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Re: "This document contains no data."

Will a post of hijack log helps?

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Re: "This document contains no data."

You may do so, but no guarantee at all that it will help.
If the same problem occurs both in IE and in Firefox, then the likelyhood of it being some problem with the ISP increases, I'm inclined to say. It seems unlikely that this one site is blocked by low-level viruses or spyware.
If you have a modem, can you connect to a different ISP, just to try? Ask a friend to enter his settings in a new dialup connection, and delete that after the experiment.


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Well, on mozilla the source was empty and so was the address bar

but on IE:

the address bar is :

and the source:


a:link {font:8pt/11pt verdana; color:red}
a:visited {font:8pt/11pt verdana; color:#4e4e4e}
<meta HTTP-EQUIV="Content-Type" Content="text-html; charset=Windows-1252">
<title>Cannot find server</title>

<body bgcolor="white">

<table width="400" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="5">
<td id="tableProps" valign="top" align="left"><img id="pagerrorImg" SRC="res://shdoclc.dll/pagerror.gif"
width="25" height="33"></td>
<td id="tableProps2" align="left" valign="middle" width="360"><h1 id="textSection1"
style="COLOR: black; FONT: 13pt/15pt verdana"><span id="errorText">The page cannot be displayed</span></h1>
<td id="tablePropsWidth" width="400" colspan="2"><font
style="COLOR: black; FONT: 8pt/11pt verdana">The page you are looking for is currently
unavailable. The Web site might be experiencing technical difficulties, or you may need to
adjust your browser settings.</font></td>
<td id="tablePropsWidth" width="400" colspan="2"><font id="LID1"
style="COLOR: black; FONT: 8pt/11pt verdana"><hr color="#C0C0C0" noshade>
<p id="LID2">Please try the following:</p><ul>
<li id="instructionsText1">Click the
<a xhref="javascript:location.reload()" target="_self">
<img border=0 src="res://shdoclc.dll/refresh.gif" width="13" height="16"
alt="refresh.gif (82 bytes)" align="middle"></a> <a xhref="javascript:location.reload()" target="_self">Refresh</a> button, or try again later.<br>

I'll post the hijack log later tomorrow.

thanks alot kees

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Pop-up? Hosts?


"The page you are looking for is currently
unavailable. The Web site might be experiencing technical difficulties, or you may need to
adjust your browser settings."
That's a normal IE message, although it doesn't appear with me. It might have been temporary, or it might indicate another problem. I get the same message in IE if a page contains advertisements located at sites that I blocked in my hosts file (then the space allocated to the advertisement gives an error message like this).

I went to the site with IE yesterday and today, and to my surprise I got a dating page the first time on both days (very charming -even inviting- girls, to be sure) also; a kind of pop-up or pop-under. And if I use the ip-address from ping it redirects to the ISP's home page for administrators. And the statusbar of my Firebird (0.Cool flashing by shows connections to sites starting with asg (can't read more) which aren't on the page loaded. Something might go wrong if such a url happens to be in your hosts file or is blocked by any other program.
There seems to be something fishy about the site.

I've got Firebird set to block all popups, and it still shows the full page. So it can't be a pop-up, I think. But I don't feel happy with it either.
I suggest you try renaming your hosts file to see if that makes a difference, check your Mozilla settings and retry IE both with and without hosts file. Also disable all ad-blockers and popup-blockers you might have running.

Hope this helps.


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Re: Pop-up? Hosts?

Ok, only problem is, i don't know how to rename the host file Sad.

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Renaming hosts file.

1. Set Windows Explorer to show all file extensions (do NOT hide file extensions for known file types).
2. Search for hosts.* all over your hard disk. Most likely place: c:\windows (Windows 95,98.ME) or c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc (Windows 2000, XP).
3. If you find a file named hosts (not hosts.sam or hosts.txt, just hosts) rightclick>rename (to hosts.sav, for example, if that doesn't exist yet).

I think the name of that asg site was something like asg.advert, and with hosts mostly being used to skip adverts, spyware and porn, it seemed a likely connection.


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