Can't connect to a friend when he's hosting.

I got a friend who lives like 5 minutes from me. We play a lot of games, BUT, we can only connect to a game server and play together if someone else host

Basically, here's an exaple:

• I can play league of legends with him, because the game provides a dedicated server;

• Minecraft: we can play together IF someone else hosts, because if he's the host, I can't connect to the server, and same applies if I'm the host;

• CoD MW2 has multiplayer games with local hosts, that means that a player is hosting, we can connect to a game, but if the host leaves and one of us become the new host, the other gets disconnected. Also in MW2, we cannot play spec ops because he can't connect. (it's 2 player only)

• Games like Civilization, age of empires and blabla that I host he can't join

Every game is bought on steam, not cracked. We both got open NAT. We both tried to disable windows firewall, router firewall and antivirus. I literally bought a whole new pc, and the problem persists.

Any idea on how to fix this problem?

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Reporting: Can't connect to a friend when he's hosting.
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Typical causes are

1. The ISP blocks the connection.
2. The users that are attempting to share have a firewall up.
2a. In the PC.
2b. In the router.
3. The router is not able to auto configure for a game server. I will not write how to fix that. You hit the game's forum for that one. For LoL they have forums all about their game, servers and mroe and I'd be duplicating that issue here but it's usually item 2 followed by 1.

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Well, we tried to disable both firewalls, and it happens on every game that one of us must host.
About the ISP blocking the connection, any way to fix it?

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Sorry for the spelling error.

I meant "more."

As to the ISP you might have to use a VPN but I defer to the game's own forum as to server setups.

Item 3 is looking more likely since you made no mention of port forwards or my favorite to test out if it's the router which is the DMZ entry. Both these should be covered in the game's forum about setting up a server.

Setting a server is sometimes (most often) not trivial. And in some ISPs such as a WISP where well, too deep to get into here, there is NO CURE for that ISP outside the VPN which can be a tar pit too.

Bottom line: Setup your server like the game forums say with the port forwards they write or just test with the router DMZ option. How to use both is widely discussed and something you need to get a handle on as you will use it for years to come.

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Now that you mencioned, I did port foward, on MW2 yesterday when we were trying to play, but never tried to use DMZ option.
On my router dmz settings, it tells me to insert a "dmz host IP address". Should I use my friend's IP here?

Sorry, I have zero experience on router settings and stuff like that.

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A short answer.

The DMZ will hold the IP LAN ADDRESS of the server PC. It will NOT hold your friends PC's world or LAN address.

If your friend is running the server they put their PC's LAN address into THEIR ROUTER'S DMZ entry and share their world or Internet address to you.

This should be covered thousands of times in the LoL server discussions by now.

1. If you are connecting to their server, you do NOT port forward or DMZ. You might use a VPN but not touch or enable port forward of DMZ. Those are only used on the server location's router.

2. Once in a while I find a very confused router. The owner has both port forwards and the DMZ in use. Sorry, you use one not both.

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