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Can't boot up my pc after attempting to install new graphics


I was attempting to replace an older graphics card (6850) with a newer one (RX 460). However, when I replaced the card, attached monitor and restarted, I couldn't get it to load up. I would get an option to access the BIOS, followed by a black screen with a dark blue windows logo, followed by a black screen with a white cursor. Nothing further happened. This happened a number of times and I left it for up to an hour.

I assumed this was due to graphics card drivers not being installed so I re-connected the monitor leads to the motherboard. I had the exact same problem. I then reconnected my older graphics card, which had been working fine earlier that day - same problem. I also set the Primary Display to iGPU in the BIOS and still, no change.

As it now stands, I cannot use the PC at all and am considering just buying a new one. I spent some time with the MS support team and they confirmed it was not a Windows 10 issue - likely to be a hardware issue in their view. I am not able to boot into safe mode (don't seem to have that option). I do not have a Windows 10 recovery disk (I have the Win 7 install disc and had upgraded from that.

When I access the BIOS, it recognises the hard drive, processor and memory. The mobo light is also on. So, I assume they are all working fine and that the PSU is not an issue. It feels like a graphics card driver issue...but as I cannot access anything, I am struggling to resolve.

My specs are as follows:
OS: Windows 10 (recent updates processed a few days ago)
CPU: i3 3220
Mobo: Asus P8H61-MX USB3 Motherboard
Old Graphics Card: 6850
New Graphics Card: RX 460

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Reporting: Can't boot up my pc after attempting to install new graphics
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My first stop was to see if your Watts went up or down.

The 460 is 75W vs 127W so it's unlikely to be a Watts issue.

But what is this about SAFE MODE? If I can't get into safe mode it's always been a blown OS or pilot error. Tell me how you tried.

Since you can't go back (reconnected my older graphics card, which had been working fine earlier that day - same problem) then the problem is not the hardware as that should be fine. The ONBOARD GPU is out too.

See if your Windows DVD boots up. Depending if that works it may lead to someone giving you an idea what's broke.
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Safe Mode

Re safe mode - if I hammer F8 on load-up, I get an option to boot using my primary drive (SSD), secondary drive (HDD) or DVD drive. Have tried the same with F4 but to no avail. I've also had a good look around the BIOS and can't find a safe mode option. If there's another way to access safe mode then i'm not aware of it.

The Windows 7 disc does boot up if selected from the BIOS. I get an option to install, or repair. However, I can't repair as the 'version of system recovery options is not compatible with the windows version'.

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Then you need the W10 USB stick.

Create one (you have to do this on another PC) with (google this) the Microsoft Media Creation Kit.

That stick is bootable and has some non-destuctive repair options. It has also let me get to safe mode.

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Re: Safe Mode

That clearly is the wrong way. You shouldn't tap F8 when the BIOS starts (then it asks you where to boot from), but when the BIOS is done and Windows begins to start, but before it has decided to start in normal mode, so a few seconds later. Better learn the trick before you need it next time.

If you can't repair Windows (maybe it's 32 bit disc and a 64 bit install, or the wrong language, or the wrong whatever) you can try to install it. The situation can't get worse than it's now, can it.

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Re: can't boot

Looks like your Windows or account is corrupted. Or, indeed, it's a hardware issue.

You can boot from a Linux disc (free to make) and have a look at the hardware. And you can download and burn a Windows 10 install disc or stick from

When it works again (or on your new PC, if you really need to buy that) make a WINDOWS RECOVERY DRIVE (google that). That's highly recommended. I don't understand why people don't.

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Windows Recovery Drive

Good point re recovery drive - I will do that! If doing a fresh install, i'm assuming I can just use the WIndows 7 disc and then upgrade to 10. However, I'd like to see if I can get a fix first.

Can you boot directly from USB? I don't have a cd writer to make a linux disc.

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Re: install

It's easier to make a Windows 10 install USB. And it's rather easy to make a Linux USB. All you need after you made that bootable USB is a BIOS that can boot from it. Most nowadays BIOS'es can.

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