Hi, I purchased the Canon A95 a few days ago, and returned it the next day. The 4 AA batteries make it heavy for its size. I also didn't like the little sliding switch you have to use to go from "camera" mode to "review" mode AND back to "camera" mode; it's very annoying to have to use a switch rather that a button. Also not so happy with Compact Flash card. My computer accepts other media, but not CF. Also think it's crummy that they sell the camera to you with regular AA batteries (which burned out after just an afternoon of use); you have to go out and buy a charger system for AA batteries, plus rechargeable batteries.

I bought the Nikon 5900 (it just came out) yesterday. It's small but feels solid, has great features, and seems to take really nice pictures. It's very easy to use, has a terrific menu. However, if you want ANY manual controls at all, this is not for you. It's totally automatic, but with about 100 user-selected options for picture-taking.
It uses an SD card, and has a lithium-ion battery and charger included. It also accepts off-the-shelf disposable lithium batteries.