You have chosen two desirable cameras.
Both have great lenses and take sharp photos.

They are not meant to be in competition with each other.

The IXUS 500 is a great point-and-shoot camera.
It has some scene modes that let you control some special situations.

The A95 is a great intermediate camera.
It can operate as a point-and-shoot camera in automatic mode. It also has all of the desired manual over-ride controls for the user who wants to get more involved with photography.

Some people don't want the manual over-ride controls. They want something simpler that takes good sharp photos. That would be the IXUS 500.

Some people want good sharp photos, but they alwo want to be able to use the camera under adverse photographic situations, control depth of field and create special effects. That would be the A95.

If you are not sure which catagory you fall into, you should get the A95 and use it in automatic mode until you get the urge to get more involved with photography.