Cannot stream 4k Netflix on UN55HU8700

Hi.. When I play programs off the netflix 4k menu it shows 1080p in info (and does not look like UHD to the eyes. I have a NETGEAR 3700 modem/router. I have Netflix set to highest quality. My COX speed test (on my laptop -- the native Samsung browser will not open the page) shows over 40mbps download. Also, I have the Samsung movie pack, which does show UHD movies, so I know the TV is capable. Any thoughts?

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Reporting: Cannot stream 4k Netflix on UN55HU8700
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Call Sam and Netflix. had me check a link but typical. They don't list what models can do this.

It's not as if you are losing much here. CNET has written many times about 4K UHD. The model you noted is 4K UHD and not 4K. There is such a thing as 4K so when getting technical, try to use the terms otherwise they may tell you no to the 4K question when it was a matter of UHD and support by Sam and Netflix.
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Thank you .. Problem solved!

Thanks for the interesting information! From what I am seeing and hearing, the term that is winning for the official buzzword is 4K TV, despite the distinction between 4K and UHD as the article explains. I guess you can't fight the consumer.. And the industry will go with whatever sells more product.

On the streaming issue, I was told by a salesperson that current NFLX subscribers would be grandfathered in for 4K content. Not so, I have to pay for a higher plan. With only a sampling of 4k content that is crazy talk. But, out of curiosity I had him turn it on for 30 days. Fairly unimpressive I have to say. Oh well, at least I know everything is working.


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No maker dares to sell it as 4K when it's 4K UHD.

There's a difference and no maker would be foolish enough to sell it as 4K when it's just UHD. That would end up in court with penalties and those that make this stuff have been very careful on the wording.

Consumers? Sure they may bandy the terms around but at risk of getting the wrong answers.

As to the salesperson, shame on them.

Your finding is what many are seeing. Not that impressive. CNET has many articles about it like

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Technically no..

I hear what you are saying. I am sure somewhere the sets are all labeled or advertised as 4K UHD. But the term 4K TV is now in the vernacular, so when you walk into Best Buy and ask to see 4K TV sets, they will just say "right over here" and spare you any details on the technical inaccuracies. Assuming they even know.
Even though the UHD content I've seen to-date bias been underwhelming, I do like the TV a lot. The curve is a gimmick I realize, but I dig it. I bought it as an open box on Amazon Prime day, so it was a bargain. My reward for staying up until 2:00 AM I guess. Picked up a matching sound bar in the same manner. I do like how the Samsung components all integrate. However, I think I still prefer my Panasonic Plasma down in the dark basement. Cheers!

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And when getting Technical, yes.

We must use the terms spot on when getting down to technical issues. If we don't we risk missing what's going on. A consumer can get away with what you noted but support and tech issues can't let that slide.

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RE: Netflix

I apologize for the inconvenience. Have you tried contacting Netflix in regards to the 4K to make sure that you are paying for that pacakage?

Also, you may want to contact our Remote Management team to check your network speed. Doing the speed test on the computer, will only show you what speed your computer is recieving not the television.

You can reach out Remote team at 1-800-726-7864.

--HD Tech

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