Sorry for the delay in responding.

I've not heard of this program before and although I would have no use for it myself, I can see why others would like to try it.

It's strange that, if you have successfully uninstalled it via the Control Panel, it still appears to be running in the background.

Try this;

1] Goto Start > Run, type in msconfig and click OK, (for clarity, that is MSCONFIG). This opens a window for the "System Configuration Editor".

2] In that window click the Startup tab.

3] Look down the list for this Hyper Shutdown entry and if you find it, remove the tick. Click Apply then OK.

4] Windows will tell you the new settings will take effect on the next restart. When you do next reboot and Windows begins to load, you may see a message telling you that you have chosen "Selective Startup". That's just for information and you can suppress that information window from within the window itself.

Does that help?