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Cannot open directories from the Dock

I'm running Mac OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.2 on a MacBook3,1 (Late 2007). I'm currently having issues with the Finder.

Current symptoms are:

1. When I click a directory in the Dock to open it in the Finder, I get an error that reads "You can't open the application Finder because it may be damaged or incomplete."

2. I've tried repairing permissions (from the OS and from the Install Disc), but the Disk Utility doesn't make any repairs even though it tells me it has made the repairs, because the exact same errors come up the next time I try to repair the permissions.

3. I also verified the disk, and it said I had to start from boot from another volume and repair the disk, so I booted from the install DVD and did so.

Here is what the Disk Utility keep returning every time I do a permissions/verify repair:

Verify permissions for ?Macintosh HD?
Permissions differ on "usr/share/derby", should be drwxr-xr-x , they are lrwxr-xr-x .
Warning: SUID file "System/Library/CoreServices/RemoteManagement/" has been modified and will not be repaired.
ACL found but not expected on "private/var/root".
ACL found but not expected on "private/var/root/Library".
ACL found but not expected on "private/var/root/Library/Preferences".

Permissions verification complete

I don't know what else to do, and I'll be damned if I have to do that sodding archive install thing, which means I'll be spending the next week and a ton of bandwidth updating everything again. Currently I only have 3.65 GB available on my hard drive, and I haven't got an external hard drive to shift all my stuff to.

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Reporting: Cannot open directories from the Dock
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3. This is normal. Any ACL "warnings" in repairing disk permissions can be ignored.

Try deleting the Finder Preferences. You will find them in Yourname/Library/Preferences
The file is called

Move it out onto the desktop and either log out or reboot. Preferably the reboot.

You make the archive and install process sound difficult.
Granted there is a fair amount of updating to do, depending on the version of your OS X installation disk, but usually the combo update is the one presented.
The only updating that needs to be done is on the OS itself and is basically automatic.


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File not there

"" doesn't seem to be there.

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well, ok...

If that plist file was not in the ~/Lib/Prefs folder, it had to have been manually removed that session. It will always be there after a Restart. Has to be. Anyway, it's working. That's the important thing.

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RE: Problems

I'm rather sick of the archive/install process. I feel it is like killing a cockroach with a sledgehammer in this scenario. I shouldn't have to re-install my OS every time one file goes awry. I haven't got nearly enough space (3.65GB) to archive and install. I can't have my computer out of use for extended periods of time while I piece together all my software, files and settings. It's murder for me. Essentially what I'm saying is I need another solution.

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Go back and read my post again,

If you are looking at the correct library, the one in your HOME folder, you will see that there is a file called "" in the preference folder.

Move it onto the desktop, restart you machine and then take a look at your problem.

The Archive and Install method is straight forward. The only stuff you have to update is the OS.
No other software, files or settings need to be changed if you followed the instructions.

The lack of disk space is a drawback but can be easily overcome with the use of an external USB or Firewire hard drive. You could get a 1TB drive for less than $120.

What do you back up all your important data to?


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RE: Go back and read my post again,

I looked in the library in my HOME folder (~/Library/Preferences/) for the file you speak of. It wasn't there, so I rebooted, then it was there again. I shifted it to the desktop and rebooted. It did nothing. I've done archive and install before. It's a royal pain. Anyway, I don't even have $100 at the moment. Most of my important data is backed up to a server at my house, which is now full and the rest of my important data is on my Macbook, which I know is not safe, but I'm really strapped for cash at the moment.

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I just booted into safe mode and then restarted back into normal startup mode. I don't know how that did it, but it did it.

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Booting into Safe Mode

does some cleanup work during the boot process.

Pleased you have it sorted out


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