Cannot install a new OS on a blank hard drive

Ok, first off I was having problems with my pc and since I couldn't get it to boot, I took out the hard drive and attached it to another pc hoping to clear it and get a fresh install of a new but not Windows type OS. Well I thought I had done everything right by using Unetbootin to download the iso file of Zorin straight to my hard drive but when I go to put it in my pc I get the NTLDR is missing message. I tried to download a boot repair disk to a USB memory stick and then tried to reboot and still same error. Can someone please help me solve my problem; I have been at this for 2 days with no luck?

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Reporting: Cannot install a new OS on a blank hard drive
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Did you wipe the drive?

While I find it good enough to remove all partitions and then boot the Windows install DVD, there are some versions of Windows that can't handle drives over 64GB, 120GB or other.

You left out major details so for now, just try wiping the drive with the maker's tools.

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I formatted the drive.

I had formatted the drive that had Windows XP Pro on it. I did that when it was hooked up to my other pc. My drive is a WD Caviar SE with 250gb. And I figured since I had formatted it that there wouldn't be Windows on it, right? After I did that I wanted to go with a OS that wasn't Windows since the XP was no longer supported with Windows. So as you can see I am not that good at what I have been trying to do, obviously I've been at it for 2 days and still got nowhere! HELP! Plain

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Formatting will trip up the Windows installer.

Try a BLANK DRIVE next. If you were to install XP Pro, the one without Service Packs you may run into the old 120GB issue. Formatting it ahead of time would again trip up the Windows install.

BLANK as in what a DBAN quick erase would do.

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OK problem with no way to burn to a CD

I can't burn anything to a cd. So now what? Only have a memory stick with like 900mb.

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DBAN fits on USB.
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Ok I put it on my USB and then tried to reboot making sure it was booting from USB first and still get same message. NTLDR is missing. Plain

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How did you put it on USB?

Tell me which tutorial you used.

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No, didn't happen

You were still trying to boot hard drive.

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Try Lily

Linux Live USB Creator . You can install Zorin Lite on a USB Flash drive using under 700 mb that add on to Zorin what you like after installation ,

Here's a YouTube on Lili >

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Trying LiLi

Ok, Trying the LinuxLive USB Creator. Hoping all is good after this. But I will let you all know if it's not, of course. Wish me luck....ha! Wink

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You will need a 4GB

SD card or USB flashdrive to do this. Although you may get by using that size USB drive if you choose Lubuntu 14.04 LIVE CD version ISO. Use this link.

You will want an LTS version (long term service)

I would use this one, will fit on less than 800 MB flash drive.

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I am really confuse about the whole thing.

What are you trying to accomplish? Sounds like you want to use linux. Why can't you use cd/dvd? Sounds like you still have window there but missing the NTLDR. You Hdd. isn't clean like you said.

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I've been confused...

If I use the format on the computer I temporarily put my HD in, wouldn't it completely erase it? I formatted it, then used Unetbootin to install Zorin OS iso. And after that was done I took my HD out and put it back into my pc and started it up. Got the NTLDR is missing message and that's where I am still at.

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Can't burn CD/DVD

Plus I can't burn a CD/DVD so that is why I was using Unetbootin, so I can put it straight on the HD.

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Try another tool.
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Nothing's working..

OK, none of that made sense to me. There isn't anything working. Is there any other OS I could download to my HD direct or use Unetbootin to download to my HD?

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Is there some broken hardware?

I would be guessing what this PC is. Some folk try those front USB ports to boot from, some have dead optical drives and well, then we have you attempting to use UNETBOOTIN in strange and new ways.

Stop experimenting and this might go smother.

And why so little PC detail?

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Not broken....

I do not think that it is broken because I use a USB WiFi adapter in the same port and it worked for me when I still had a running pc. My PC is a Dell Inspiron E521. It had Windows XP on it when I got it. And since I knew that WIndows didn't support the XP anymore I felt it was time for a different OS that wasn't Windows. And I was starting to have problems with it saying I needed the hal.dll file cuz it was missing or corrupt. Then I couldn't boot into it at all without this error showing and it never booted. I don't know what else to add. Anything you need to know that might help me, please ask me.

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So you left out details.

We know that booting from the front ports is problematic. And your claim you can't make some CD tells me we are dealing with something missing or broken.

You've tried some interesting ideas but it's time to move back to methods techs use all the time.

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Going to try LiLi

I am going try LinuxLive USB Creator(itsdigger suggested) to see if it will work. As soon as my HD is done with KillDisk. My PC only has DVD and DVD+ RW but of course can't use those if I can't get into the PC itself. And my daughter's PC (which I am using now) only has a CD player. So that is why I cannot make CD's.

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After you recover your PC

You may want to consider if you want to do PC work. That is, most of what I do use are tools I made while all is well and working.

I know folk may not plan ahead or have a fully working PC so repair shops keep busy. Or you just buy a working PC to be able to make the tools, discs and such so you can work on other PCs.

Here's a tech that prepared tools ahead of time. Interesting and gives you a good idea about having those repair CDs ahead of time (about 50 minutes in, he boots the Ultimate Boot CD.

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OK, Now what?

I am stuck yet again. I thought I would possibly get somewhere with loading my USB memory stick with the iso and now it says it couldn't find an operating system. I have it set to boot from the USB but I don't know if it's for the right USB setting. It's the only one that shows it's present. So here I am stuck again at what to do. Guess I will try to put my HD back into this computer and disconnect it's HD and try to boot from the USB. Guess it wouldn't hurt.

I will not stop till I get what I am searching for. Happy

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Re: loading the USB stick with the iso

That sounds the wrong way to do it. Please tell exactly how you did it,
It's quite complex; burning it to a DVD is the much simpler alternative.


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Try a different memory stick

A good quality one, Do you have the memory stick formatted to FAT32 ?

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I thought OP wants linux.

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Link only
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Yeah I screwup again.

So what's the idea behind this, to be able to launch linux in windows? I think I am just going to stick with my DVD creations for linux OS, hehe.

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I screw up all the time but, Do you remember this thread that James helped us with ? Thread

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That's the SPIRIT!

But you have to do it the right way..and it doesn't sound like it. When you download an .iso from the web, this ONE file. You need to take that and make it into a BOOTABLE flashdrive. The utility for that someone has pointed out already (LiLi or Unetbootin). Also, what version of Zorin? I notice Zorin_10_(64) core is 1.4GB, your memory stick has that capacity?

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Zorin is almost 4GB large

How do you propose to put that on a 1GB flash drive?

I use these, but Kingston is backordered on them so can't buy direct from them right now, won't be more in stock till November. However a few are left at Amazon, a very few. Hot item now due to size, low cost, and work great for loading Linux to. Get one or two. USB3 flashdrives, 8GB for $7.50 to 32GB for $15 and free shipping. Fit great on keychain too.

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