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Cannot Edit or Save Transferred files...or even new files

I have a new laptopt with Windows 7 and Microsoft Office 2010. My old laptop is running Windows XP. When I first transferred my word and excel files to my new laptop, everything seemed to work fine for about a week. Then, I had problems where I could not edit and save these documents without getting an error coming up. I tried to change all of the files on my new laptop so that I was the owner and had permission to edit and save the files. This worked for a couple of days, but then the same thing started to happen where I couldn't edit and save these files without doing "save as" instead. Even when I tried to save new files that I made on the new laptop to the transferred folder, I would be prompted to "save as" instead of save, and then everything would usually freeze up when I pressed the save as button or tried to type the file name. I tried to change ownership and permission of the folder and files yet again, but it has not seemed to work. Today, when I opened up one of the many "save as" files I had to make before, I cannot save the file or even "save as." I'm in the middle of editing my senior thesis and do not want this problem anymore. Can anyone help me fix this. Do I need to get permission or ownership of my entire hard drive somwhow as well? Should I try to copy and paste the files and delete the originals? I believe it is effecting my entire My Documents folder at this point. Any advice would be great. Thanks.

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Reporting: Cannot Edit or Save Transferred files...or even new files
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The clue might be the new laptop.

Most come with a demo version that expires very quickly. Also your post didn't write you removed those trial versions (something that I find very important today) and install your Office from your Office CD.

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Agree about trial versions of Office But ...
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I have already tried the Protected View suggestion

It did not fix the problem. When I installed the Microsoft Office 2010, I believe I was prompted to delete the trial version at the same time and did this. I really don't understand what is wrong. If I need to take permission of my entire hard drive to gain ownership of my folders and files, how do I do that because that was a suggestion I got before. I have already tried to take permssion of the My Documents Folder, the transferred folder, and the transferred files separately, but this only seemed to work for a short period of time. I get the same prompt for every file that I try to save at this point, even when it is a new file. How could that have anything to do with protected view if I just made the file? I did follow the suggestion to disable it before, and it has not helped. Please let me know if anything else that could be wrong comes to mind. I really regret buying this lapatop at this point. Maybe it's my inexperience with Windows 7, but I've never had this much trouble with anything.

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But this is the first reply I've read where protected view was disabled. It is possible you wrote this before but the formatting of the posts are single long paragraphs that are hard to read.

The next call is to Microsoft to report it as a bug.

However and this is not to say this applies to you, there is a cracked copy that showed up at the service counters and the owner was upset it wasn't working properly and wanted us to fix it. It made us wonder a lot why they thought they were entitled to a working Office 2010 without purchase.

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I bought my copy legally with my Toshiba computer.

I deleted my My Documents folder and then recopied some of my files back to a new My Documents folder. Now, my Outlook Express is not sending and receiving and all of my emails are gone. I guess this information was part of the My Documents files. How do I get my Microsoft Outlook to work again now? Should I uninstall Microsoft and reinstall it or will this just mess things up even more? Every time I try to fix this problem, things just get worse and I still don't understand what is wrong.

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When I went to the Microsoft website for support, it asked me to type in a product number of what I wanted help with, so I put in my Windows 7 number because I'm still having freezing problems with it as well.

It prompted me that I may be charged for support because the computer manufacturer might be responsible for the product and when I pressed Next, the same message would come up and the number I am supposed to call never came up.

When I called Toshiba weeks ago, they told me that it was Microsoft's products so they could not and would not help.

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Now don't take this wrong but Outlook Express does not run on Windows 7 without a lot of hammering and hacking. I bet you meant outlook.

Outlook setup is still not easy enough. If I look at my setup notes I see that I have to do deeply detailed steps to get my gmail account to send and receive. WHY THIS MATTERS is that computers are very dumb. The folk that created this mess are pretty smart but have a long ways to go to get this working for the rest of us.

-> Outlook. We have to go over all the account settings.

Also there are big issues with the security softwares. The lockups, trials and more have me eject all supplied security and install what I use.

Back to Tosh. If the OS is locking up and not Office then it's up to them. Even if it was a Norton or Mcafee problem since they bundled it.

My buddies picked up the Tosh 17 inch i3 machine and not a single scream. But then again they did like me and declined the usual supplied security.

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Sorry again...

Yes; I guess it's Outlook and not Express. No offense taken. What "supplied security" are you talking about?

I use Spyware Doctor for my security, but again, this happened when I deleted files, so should I go back to a restore point on my computer or just uninstall and reinstall Office 2010 again? I guess I must have deleted some of the outlook files for good.

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Just to see under the hood.

Look up HIJACKTHIS and post the log file. I'll look at it, comment then remove that log.

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Sorry for not responding sooner...

What do you mean look up HIJACKTHIS? I don't understand how I look that up.
What I think is the main problem is that I lost permission and ownership of all my files and I can't figure out how to get it back.

The latest problem is that I tried to change permission of the hard drive itself because I thought that would fix the problem but it just made things worse somehow. I then did a system restore to try to fix things, but it said it was not completed properly. Then, I tried to uninstall Microsoft Office 2010 and it was "unable to uninstall" all of it.

I don't understand how to get permission and ownership of my computer and my files. Now things seem to be messed up even more.

I have already called Toshiba and Microsoft for support. Toshiba said it was Microsoft's problem. Microsoft told me it was Toshiba's problem and to call them yet again. They were not very helpful when I first called them.

Right now, under my hard drive properties and permission the entries are:
Authenticated Users

They ALL say "Allow, Full Control,, <not inherited>, This folder, subfolders, and files"

Did trying to change the hard drive ownership completely mess things up?

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If you type HIJACKTHIS at you find that software and how to run it. We don't want to do a thing but get it's log file to look at.

About disk permissions. If those are incorrect more than Office would have troubles. I would not suspect that here. I do suspect security software and the new office protected view. I was never sure you addressed Office's new protected view.

And so far you're the only one I've heard this complaint. I find this one interesting but why just you and not more folk remains a mystery. These usually come down to something like "I installed Norton and set the protection to maximum."

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