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Cannot Download A Thing.


I'm running Windows 98 on my other machine and using IE as a browser and somehow it wouldn't download a thing. When left clicking on any file link, nothing happens. When right clicking and choose 'Save Target As...', a download dialog box pops up for less than a second and then disappears. Even when my friend tried sending me files though the Yahoo! Messenger, it would stop downloading at about 94% every time. This happens on every site I visit. Please help.

Thank You.

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Reporting: Cannot Download A Thing.
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Part I.

<UL TYPE='1'><LI> The <b>Copying</b> dialog (containing two folder icons with page images moving between them) may appear when attempting a download but the <b>File Download</b> dialog may not. In any case, a download does not happen.

<UL TYPE='a'><LI>A possible reason is if the <u>McAfee Safe & Sound</u> is installed on a system, you will need to contact <b>McAfee</b> for a resolution or patch or remove the program <u>McAfee Safe & Sound</u> through the <b>Add/Remove Programs</b> applet.

<LI> With IE open, click <b>Tools, Internet Options</b>, and then click the <A HREF=''TARGET='resource window'STYLE='text-decoration: underline'>Security tab</a> (Click to see an example screenshot), click each of the four 'zones'. Click the button <b>Custom Level...</b> and in the <b>Settings:</b> section check all items for a <b>dot</b> denoting an item as <b>Disabled</b> and if founded, <u>Enable</u> -- particularly in the section titled, '<b>Downloads</b>'.

<IMG src='' alt='Note:'> You may want to keep hand notes just in case you want to return anything to the prior setting for some reason.

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Part II.

2. If the download option <b>Always ask before opening this type of file</b> is null, files downloaded are automatically saved in the Temporary Internet File (TIF) folder and opened by the associated program. You are therefore not prompted for a location, [<A HREF=';en-us;Q177976'TARGET='resource window'STYLE='text-decoration: underline'>Q177976</a>].

<UL TYPE='a'><LI> Instead of clicking a file to download, right-click instead and choosing <b>Save Target as....</b>. A context window will be rendered where you can check the box for this option.

<LI> If you want to be prompted for a download location for a given file type:

<UL TYPE='1'><LI> Open <b>My Computer/Explorer, View, Folder Options</b>.

<LI> On the <b>File Types</b> tab, click the appropriate file type in the <b>Registered File Types</b> box wanted.

<LI> Click <b>Edit</b>, and then select the <b>Confirm Open After Download</b> check box. Click <b>OK</b> twice to close.

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Part III.

3. When you try to download a program (.exe) or zip (.zip) file, Internet Explorer may display a blank Web page that contains an ActiveX icon in the upper-right corner which can occur if an add-in program or ActiveX control on a computer has been uninstalled or deleted and entries for the add-in program or ActiveX control remain in the registry. To resolve this issue, close Internet Explorer, start the Registry Editor and delete the following registry key:

<UL><b>HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Plugins\Extension</b>

<IMG src='' alt='Note:'> When viewing the system registry key at this location, <b><u>the only recommended value key which should be listed</u></b> in the right window is (even thouth the entire <u>Extensions</u> key itself may be removed):

</UL><b>{Default} ''''</b>

4. <u>Supplemental reading</u>: - clicking a link opens it in a separate window for your convenience. Clicking a second link also opens it in that same one.

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Part IV.

<UL><UL TYPE='a'><LI> '<A HREF=';EN-US;Q180553'TARGET='resource window'STYLE='text-decoration: underline'>Error Locating Object Handler (Q180553)</a>.'
<LI> '<A HREF=';EN-US;Q268976'TARGET='resource window'STYLE='text-decoration: underline'>Internet Explorer Window Closes When You Click a Download Link (Q268976)</a>.'
<LI> '<A HREF=';EN-US;Q275290'TARGET='resource window'STYLE='text-decoration: underline'>Internet Explorer 5.5 Browser Window Closes When You Click a Link to Download Files (Q275290)</a>.'
<LI> '<A HREF=';EN-US;Q299328'TARGET='resource window'STYLE='text-decoration: underline'>Cannot Download with Internet Explorer (Q29932Cool</a>.'

</UL>5. <A HREF=''TARGET='resource window'STYLE='text-decoration: underline'>MyVitalAgent 8.0.1</a> - a free download from Lucent Technologies:

<BLOCKQUOTE><b>From the developer</b>:

'MyVitalAgent - the next generation of the award winning Net.Medic - is a powerful Internet companion that puts you in control of your online experience. Whether connecting to the Internet via DSL, cable, or dial-up, MyVitalAgent offers complete, end-to-end visibility into the components of your network path.

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Part V.

<BLOCKQUOTE>MyVitalAgent monitors each and every transaction of popular Internet applications (such as Web, email, DNS) from your PC, through your modem, across Internet backbones, to your Internet Service Provider (ISP), and back again. When problems occur, MyVitalAgent isolates and diagnosis the source in split seconds, alerting you to take action. The accompanying (included with the download) prescription text offers recommendations to resolving issues.'</BLOCKQUOTE>6. Is <b>Internet Connection Sharing</b> (ICS) installed and used on the computer, [<A HREF=';en-us;Q238135'TARGET='resource window'STYLE='text-decoration: underline'>Q238135</a>]?

<UL><IMG src='' alt='Note:'> When using <b>ICS</b>, Internet connection sharing is permitted between two or more computers the Internet service provider (ISP) should be contacted or read their ISP's Terms and Conditions of use policy to determine if share connections is permitted.

</UL>7. If you access the applicable <A HREF=''TARGET='resource window'STYLE='text-decoration: underline'>TCP/IP</a> (Click to see an example screenshot) settings for your Dial-Up Networking (DUN) adapter (if used) (<b>Tools, Internet Options, Connections</b> tab, the adapter in the window labled, <b>Dial-up settings</b>, then click <b>Settings..., Properties, Server Types, TCP/IP Settings...</b&gtWink and check the options available, are they in accordance with your ISP use -- they are the only ones who can assure this information is accurate?

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Part VI.

<UL><IMG src='' alt='Note:'> If using <b>TCP/IP</b> only, is it the only item checked in the section labeled '<b>Allowed network protocols:</b>' on the <u>Server Types</u> tab?

</UL>8. When connecting to a Web site and experiencing problems that could occur because an incorrect <b>Hosts</b> file exist in the Windows folder, [<A HREF=';en-us;Q219843'TARGET='resource window'STYLE='text-decoration: underline'>Q219843</a>]:

<UL TYPE='a'><LI> <FONT COLOR='red'>Internet Explorer cannot open the Internet site =Web address=.

A connection with the server could not be established.</FONT>

<LI> <FONT COLOR='red'>Internet Explorer cannot open the internet site =URL: Web site=

The connection to the server was reset.</FONT>

<LI> <FONT COLOR='red'>Internet Explorer may display a different Web site than that specified/entered in the Address box.</FONT>

</UL>9. If using Internet Explorer versions 6, 5.5, or 5.01 and the latest patch for HTTP encoding vulnerability has not been downloaded and installed, perhaps it contains something which could fix or eliminate the anomaly -- certainly worth a try. [<A HREF=';en-us;Q308414'TARGET='resource window'STYLE='text-decoration: underline'>Q308414</a>].

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Part VII.

10. When using Internet Explorer and it appears to stop responding (hang) when opening a window, the animated globe in the upper-right corner of the browser window continues to spin, and should there be a message concerning '<b>Detecting proxy settings...</b>' displayed in the Status Bar (which is based on Web Proxy AutoDiscovery (WPAD) and supports both Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) and Domain Name System (DNS), and with the appropriate settings a DHCP servers that support the DHCPINFORM message and DNS servers can automatically detect and configure a browser's proxy settings which is enabled by default), it should be disabled, [<A HREF=';en-us;Q238135'TARGET='resource window'STYLE='text-decoration: underline'>Q238135</a>].

</UL></UL><MARQUEE width=300 BGCOLOR=white WIDTH=300 HEIGHT=35 DIRECTION=left><FONT SIZE=+0 COLOR=009900><b>Good luck,</b></MARQUEE></FONT>

<IMG SRC='' ALT='You may E-mail me using:' height='20' width='100' align=ABSCENTER>

Pardon ma ACKsent, ah'm frum Austin, Tex_As, USA

<FONT SIZE=1 COLOR=CC0099> ....its been my policy to view the Internet not as an 'information highway,' but as an electronic asylum filled with babbling loonies.</FONT>

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Thank You So Much.


I don't know who you are. All I know is that you are so good. The amount of information you were able to give me is insane. I can tell that I will be able to resolve my problem even before I attempted it. Thank you so much for you help. You are the man.

Thank You.

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NT - Welcome and good luck.


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