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Cannot Access Windows Update

I went to windows update today so I could update my windows defender definition files because I could not update it directly via windows defender. When I got to the website it loaded up fine but as soon as it got done checking to see what updates I needed it gave me this message

So I clicked on "Read more about steps you can take to resolve this problem (error number 0x8024402C) yourself."

After I clicked it I got this page

I clicked on "When searching for available updates on the Update site, you receive the 0x8024402C error.

As you can see in the window next to it the Problem description that is supposed to be there but does not show up at all. If I don't have that information how am I supposed to fix this problem!? I just thought it was the browser not rendering the page correct so I tried firefox, opera, internet explorer and avant browser and it's the same thing!

Someone please provide help for this.

Thank You.

WinXP Home SP2
Opera 9.01
IE 6.0
Avant Browser version 10.2 Build 36

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Reporting: Cannot Access Windows Update
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Cannot Access Windows Update


I did some "digging" and came up with this:

You may receive a "0x8024402C" error message when you scan for updates on the Windows Update Web site

This problem may occur if a proxy server is not configured in Microsoft Internet Explorer. In this scenario, the Windows Update control cannot access the Internet.

If that is not the correct one - there are 6 more:


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Windows Defender and error 0x8024402C
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(NT) (NT) Sorry "M".. didn't see your post. :(
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(NT) (NT) Carol, NO problem :)
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Thanks but I got another crappy problem now :(

For some strange reason after opening IE to go to Windows Update I get this screen

As seen in the screenshot it tells me to add those 3 websites to my trusted sites in internet explorer. That's weird because I have already done this before. So I open up my internet properties and look to see if these sites are in my trusted sites list and they are not. Also in the screenshot and in the bottom right of the page it says trusted sites. Ok so I just add them again just like before. So it works right? Nope. After adding the sites again I still get that same error message telling me to add in those sites. I restarted IE and went back to the update site and it still told me the same. Then I did a reboot and repeated the process and STILL THE FREAKIN SAME! So now this is really pissing me OFF!

Help wanted.

Thank You.

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Microsoft Update problem soloution


The exact same thing happened to me! So i know how it feels. Well, what was happening for me, was my firewall (Zone Alarm Internet Security Suite 6.5) was blocking me off. If you are running this, here is the soloution.
Zonealarm Secuirty Suite > Firewall > Internet Zone Security > Put the tab down to Medium.

If this does not help, try disabling your firewall for when you update.

Hope this helps! Happy


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Still pissing me off

Thanks Paul but that didn't work Sad

More help needed!

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Run an on-line scan .....
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Still not working

I tried that but it found nothing and I did a scan with spysweeper, spyware doctor and a group of some free anti-spy apps and they all found nothing.

The error number to this problem is 0x8DDD0001. I searched microsoft's knowledge base but yielded no search results.

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trusted sites

I assume, you could NOT correct to add the 3 links, correct?

Maybe you should give the following a try:

Go back to that section of Internet Explorer. On the Trusted sites window: UN-check (un-tick) the checkbox "Require server verification for all sites ..."

Then apply.

Use the http address on the
(remove the one with the HTTPS)

Also, add as a trusted site.

Apply changes, press ok. Clear your internet cache, and then try again.

Found it here:

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I was at that forum before you posted it and yea I tried what they said and it didn't work. BUT I deleted all those sites from my trusted sites list and it worked?! Now all I gotta do is figured out my other problem in my 1st post. Sad

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back to post 1 - 0x8024402c error

This is a fairly common Windows Update error and hopefully this article will help you resolve the problems you are having.

The 0x8024402C error code typically occurs because an incorrect character exists in the proxy override settings.

Fingers crossed Wink

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Back to the 0x8024402C error

After finally figuring out my previous problem I'm back at my original problem. One of the solutions it tells me is to do this "1. A misconfigured Proxy/Firewall can cause this problem. Double-check the Proxy/Firewall settings. Add the following urls to the exception list within your Firewall/Proxy:
For help configuring Proxy/Firewall refer to documentation or contact the manufacturer."

Only problem is I don't know how to do this. I am running Comodo Personal Firewall so how would I go about doing this?

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Comodo Personal Firewall

Ohmy, I have NO clue at all Sad

I did a Google search have a look IF you can find what you need.

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Comodo Forum
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geez I've been doing everything you said seconds before you post it! This is creepy. I'm scared Sad

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My thinking must have reached you immediately - like in ... telepathy :^O

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Did you get here yet?
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Thanks Marianna

Its ok. I posted my question in the comodo forums which is what I've should've done in the 1st place....duh!

Anyways thanks for your help I really appreicate it and to the others who posted help , I'll just figure this crap out on my own from here.

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acr45 - You Are Welcome !

I think you will be in "good hands" at the Comodo forum Happy

Good Luck !

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0x8024402C error fixed!

ok so finally I fixed this sh#&. And it was the simplest solution.

2) Go to "Tools, Interent Options, Privacy, Pop-Up Blocker, Settings...and made sure the following are added:


That's IT!


I found this at

Well now I can sleep at night.

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LOL - sorry, I have to laugh, it was THAT simple ??

Oh well, now you know for next time Happy

Thanks for posting back and Good Night Happy

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It ain't over yet......

Now after finally fixing the past two problems I got a new one. I found a lot of solutions so I not asking for help except on this one thing I am concerned about. The error number this time that I am trying to fix is 0x80072EFD. When I went to a microsoft support page it gave me a bunch of solutions that I could fix manually. But before I thought of doing it manually I saw this on the page:

As seen in the picture it suggests me to download the "guided help" program. I was gonna install this right after I read this: " Guided Help is available to resolve error messages on the Windows Update or the Microsoft Update Web site. Guided Help can automatically perform the steps for you."

But then I read this " The actions that this Guided Help performs CANNOT BE UNDONE after Guided Help is finished."

So what I'm trying to ask is should I install guided help to automatically solve my problem? Seems like I should so I could save a whole lotta time rather than doing it manually which may take 4ever figuring out the problem. When it says that guided help cannot be undone that is what really worries me. I'm worried that it may mess up my computer settings even worse.

What should I do?

WinXP Home SP2
IE 6.0

Thanks in advance.

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