On the subject of negative campaigning vs the issues I challenge all of you to take a field trip and see what the organizations behind the candidates are doing.

First visit http://www.democrats.org/ and see how long it takes you to find a negative add. (Hint: At the time of this post you need go no further than the first headline) While you're there scroll up and down the page to see how many accomplishments the democrats claim and what they intend to do for the people on the issues.

Next visit http://www.rnc.org/ and do the same. Look for the first negative add and then try to find accomplisments and agenda. FWIW, the little Kerry game is cute and his past voting record does matter but I'd rather know what the republicans intend to do in the future and then maybe hear a little about Kerry's past.

Next visit http://www.lp.org/ and do the same. Don't spend to much time looking for negative remarks about the other candidates, you'll probably find it easier to locate accomplishments or intended agenda.

Finally, use the contact info at your party's site and tell them you want to know what your candidate stands for and what the intend to accomplish.