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Canadian protestors threaten Coulter with violence.

Coulter's speech at a Canadian university was canceled due to threats of violence. It's a shame that some folks cannot tolerate open debate about ideas.

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Reporting: Canadian protestors threaten Coulter with violence.
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was it a threat

or just Freedom Of Speech?

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Ask Canada

What did they call it? Anything? Anyone arrested?

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I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop.

She is supposed to speak at a university in Calgary (out west)...She has said she likes cowboys, and the US should not crush the western part of Canada. I think there are more guns out west.

Let's see if they let her speak.

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are you aware

just a couple decades ago, western Canada was contemplating joining the USA? At the time Quebec was also considering separating and going their own way.

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(NT) and how did that work out?
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hasn't happened,

...yet. Google Quebec and Secede, you can find stuff back in the 90's about it.

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I know about it...not gonna' happen

They know which side their bread is buttered on.

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Well that's a smug patronizing little post,asking a Canadian

if he knows about one of the largest issues in modern Canadian history. It's about like asking an American if he knows about the Civil War, or perhaps the New Deal or the Civil Rights Act and Martin Luther King.

I don't know where JP lives, but even those of us who weren't here at the time learned about it very quickly because it is a watershed in 20th Century Canadian history, and Quebec's continued use of separatist threats is a fixture in Canadian Politics. Quebec has been administered by the Parti Quebecois which is the separatist party, and Federally they are represented by the Bloc Quebecois.


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Snce you mentioned seccession, it seems to be spreading
Republic of Texas.

Will Perry defend Texas or not.

I did find others, but there were too many to list.

Other southern states as well?

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No, and No. News coverage extensive, no hint of a threat.

Her visit was cancelled by the student organization that invited her for violating accepted standards of discourse in Canada. You can't throw around allegations of racism or communism or fascism without some clear evidence.


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which evidence they no longer....

...have the chance to hear. Freedom loses again in Canada.

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Link ? I read the CBC website and saw the TV News

which indicated that there were protests but no threats of violence. Threats and violence are un-Canadian.

I wonder where you got your inaccurate information. Clearly not an open, free, unbiased source since the issue has been widely covered here.

The decision was based on Ms. Coulter's inflammatory remarks and their contravention of Canadian standards. She has spoken at other universities such as Alberta for example, but Ottawa students didn't like what they read in the newspapers about her nasty, radical, biased comments and decided not to have her speak. This was an effectively democratic decision by students and the student's council.

Of course the lie, or misinformation about threats is really effective however wrong it is.

On the same CBC TV news program, Canadian young people were excoriated by the CBC reporters for being smug and self satisfied and insufficiently understanding of the US.

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And this from The Toronto Daily Star

(and model for the Daily Planet in Superman Comics).

OTTAWA?Security officials have scrubbed American right-winger Ann Coulter?s speech at the University of Ottawa after a boisterous protest prompted concerns for her safety. (RTB - concerns for her safety do not equal threats)

A spokesman for the group that organized the event said there were fears for Coulter?s well-being after about two thousand people gathered outside the venue to protest her presence there.

Coulter is a darling of the U.S. right-wing who uses incendiary language to sell millions of books as well as her syndicated column.

She sparked more controversy during a speech at University of Western Ontario Monday night when she told a 17-year-old Muslim student to ?take a camel? instead of a the flying carpet she has previously suggested Muslims use for transportation.

Even before her Canadian tour began, Coulter received a pre-emptive and private caution about the limits of free speech in this country from the provost of the University of Ottawa. Quotation ends.

Free speech has limits, assuming you remember Oliver Wendell Holmes. Public Hate speech is illegal in Canada, that's homophobia, Racism, like "Take a Camel", and Holocaust denial (David Irving was banned from speaking at the University of Waterloo). She was informed of the parameters, but of course the more controversial she is the more popular she is with her base. Base is a very good word for them since it refers to their motives too.


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They showed a video clip of her speech on Monday

there was a uniformed guard standing on stage with her...couldn't tell if he was armed.

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(NT) Where was that reported?
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It's a shame that some folks cannot tolerate open debate...
about ideas.

Not only in Canada, as win tness several of my poosts being deleted even though hey violated NO policies.

Some at SE cannot tolerate opposing ideas eaither.

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