I just picked up the phone on Saturday. I suggest you make your life easy and buy the music essentials package for $30. With it, you can move any music from your PC to the phone. Buy the biggest memory card available for the phone (1 gig), so you don't have to worry about filling it up anytime soon.

As for ringers, you can set each phone number or group to another ringer. I have not yet played with that yet, because as usual, Verizon limited the ringtones so that you have to be bored, or broke (paying for downloads). I hate how Verizon always gouges the customer and someday I'll be smart enough to switch providers! Anyway, you can download any ringtones you like, through the phone, which means it will cost you for each ringtone. Each ringbacktone costs per use.

Overall I really like the phone. The music through the speakerphone is impressive, for what it is. The music over the earphones sounds great. I've got bluetooth. Unfortunately, Verizon doesn't give you the ability to listen to music through Bluetooth. Thank you, Verizon. Can you hear me NOW?!