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Can we please put the term sub-human in the bin and never

raise it again. It has been used before, but never in a decent context. From the characterization of blacks during and after the years of slavery to the Slavic and Russian peoples by the Nazis as well as the Jews, during the Second World war. It is an ugly term which demeans the speaker/writer as much as he thinks it demeans the people he's speaking about. Terrorists are not sub-human; they are evil, cruel, selfish, bigoted human-beings who think their opponents are sub-human and that even their own countrymen are not worth consideration. A plague on them and those like them.

Rob Boyter

If I am repeating anything that may have been said here before I apologize. It's just an ugly and useless term that needs to disappear IMHO.

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I don't recall any particularly recent use of the term ...

The thread that got bumped up to the top today is an older one.

Let's hope people are a bit better behaved at this point.

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nope ill call those scum sub humans till they arent any more

you call them what u want i call them as they are

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(NT) (NT) Do you never tire of being offensive?
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(NT) (NT) dont you get tired of being nieave?
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Naive about what? Certainly not the terrorists.

I believe that language is important. If you abuse or misuse words they lose their meaning.

The terrorists are inhumane, uncivilized, dishonorable and evil. Never-the-less, they are still human.

You can claim that they are not human, but that only makes you look bigoted, ignorant ... or both.

Of course, one could argue that I'm naive to think that you will adopt language more appropriate for a public forum.

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(NT) (NT) Thank you for coming up to bat.
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sub humans what they are ill call a spade a spade

you want to call them your bro. feel free to i dont see them as humans i see scum so you feel free to open your heart to them ill just hope they all die

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I'm glad to finally see someone take a stand on this issue
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Re: I'm glad to finally see someone take a stand on this iss

can bury ur head in the sand you wanna tuck them in a bedtime feel free

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Ya' know, I see it like this .....

.... and obviously this is just my own small opinion.

Ok, I don't particularly like the term sub-human either, but it really and truly is no big deal - although it has been made into one through several posts directed at such now.

It seems to me that the few who use the term are pretty clear in that they are referring to the terrorists only. It is not being used in any other way that I'm aware of.

In other words, to make this shorter, you keep picking the scab and it will just keep festering up. Leave it alone. Wink


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