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Can Tracfone Motorola w376g phone link up Bluetooth in cars?

by yww168 / July 6, 2008 1:42 PM PDT

Tracfone just released their first Bluetooth phone, the Motorola w376g. However, no one seems to know whether it is capable of linking up with the car's built-in Bluetooth system. Even Tracfone's Customer Service doesn't even know the answer. They are positive it'll work with a headset but not sure it can sync up with the car's system. Can any of you help? I'm asking because I like to get one for my wife since her car comes with Bluetooth but no point to buy this phone if it doesn't hook up. Thanks.

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Moto W360g Bluetooth
by foley0000 / July 15, 2008 6:55 AM PDT

Bought the TracFone W360g and have a 2007 Toyota RAV4 with Bluetooth. Tried several times unsuccessfully then enlisted help from someone with another Motorola phone. Theirs connected easily while the Toyota can't find the TracFone. There's something about the TracFone being "hardwired" with a "0000" code and I do not know how to get around it. Some folks say there is a work around but I can't understand what they are talking about.

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TracFone w376g BlueTooth connectivity
by yww168 / July 16, 2008 5:18 AM PDT
In reply to: Moto W360g Bluetooth

I emailed TracFone enquiring about this Motorola w376g connectivity to car's bluetooth system and they responded by saying the w376g will definitely sync up with the car's Bluetooth system. I'll find out whether it works or not on my 2008 Camry shortly since I ordered one couple of days ago. Your 2007 RAV4 system should be identical to my car so it may not work for me either. May I suggest you contact TracFone to see whether they can help and post your findings. Thanks.

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Tracfone w376g won't pair up to car
by yww168 / July 17, 2008 11:36 AM PDT

Just received the new phone and I tried multiple times to get it paired up with my Camry's bluetooth without any success. Even changed the car's passkey to "0000" but still didn't work. Will try to call customer service for help. I should mention I haven't activated the phone yet since I gather pairing bluetooth shouldn't have a bearing on the activation. Does anyone know whether the phone has to be activated first before pairing will work? With my other LG cell phone (not Tracfone), I actually have to enter the car's passkey code for it to pair up. This w376g doesn't even give me the option to do that.

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reply to Tracfone w376g won't pair up to car
by grandmabess / August 15, 2008 8:01 AM PDT

I recently purchased a 2008 Jeep Patriot with bluetooth hands free phone. As I am a Tracfone customer, I purchased the w376g because it was their only bluetooth compatible phone. Then I discovered the multiple forums concerning connecting this phone with vehicular bluetooth. I made a few unsuccessful attempts to connect and spoke with a customer representative who stated this phone would not connect with vehicles! I pointed out that Tracfone's Guide states that it will. I found a manual for this phone on a Motorola site which mentions the phone having several codes (ie) 0000, 1234, or last 4 digits of phone number and they can be changed. Basically, I messed up my phone trying to change the SIM PIN code & had to call Tracfone. I did not speak with a customer representative, I sought technical support who looked up my SIM PIN code number and reasured me that this was the code number needed to connect to my bluetooth unit in my vehicle. I connected successfully when I told my bluetooth voice set up in my vehicle to use the SIM PIN code of 1111. So when calling Tracfone, make contact with "Technical Support" and ask for your particular SIM PIN code number. You will need to give them the Serial # in your phone.

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Tracfone w376g won't pair up to car
by JEM2114 / August 16, 2008 9:19 AM PDT

Wyy168 paired up his car awhile ago using the code '0000'.

I was the source of the '0000' option and it was based on the interaction between my 2008 Prius and the w376g. Standard pairing procedures didn't work so I applied what little common-sense my tells me that I possess and went into Tracfone thinking mode. I came up with zero, thus '0000' is the default code for the w376g.

While it is obvious that the w376g can link up with using pairing codes other than '0000', that pairing process can often be an ordeal. The w386g doesn't seem to function in the bluetooth environment as well as other devices and pairing can be inexplicable. Some car systems are able to perform a 'handshake' with the w376g and pair with any desired code the first time. Many of us aren't that lucky and have to find a way to initially pair our phones, thus the '0000' and/or the use of another cellphone to pair up initially before being deleted.

The w376g can pair up with car bluetooth systems with the selection of any pairing code; however, the car must first pair up successfully with a cellphone, w376g or other. After sucessful pairing, the car's system can be used to delete the registered cellphone and establish a connection with the w376g using whatever code desired. The w376g will respond with a 'bonding request' and if selected the w376g will ask for a passkey code corresponding to the car's passkey.

I know the above process is accurate and I would like to believe the SIM pin is the 'magic bullet'. I plan to contact Tracfone and get a handle on th SIM pin and try to pair in a default state with the w376g using the SIM pin for my cellphone.

Pairing the w376g is not as straight-forward as one should expect; the use of the '0000' is the simplest and most diresct solution for many.

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reply regarding using 0000 to pair up the w376g with a vehic
by grandmabess / August 16, 2008 11:02 AM PDT

I tried using the 0000 first, but it would not work in my 2008 Jeep Patriot. My w376g found the bluetooth, but it would not pair up. Attempting to change the code in my phone is what messed it up and forced me to call Tracfone "technical support". I had already tried to find out info from "customer service representative". Technical support had to look up my phone by the serial number and gave me the SIM PIN code and this number, 1111, paired up my Jeep & w376g. So, I know that not All w766g Tracfones are programed to 0000.

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Using 0000 to pair up the w376g with a vehicle
by JEM2114 / August 17, 2008 7:10 AM PDT

Your successful pairing is one of several that have been offered up in the forums and it reflects the erratic nature of the Tracfone BT implementation. Others may have a better technical orientation on this and I hope we hear from them, but I believe that it would serve most users well it they assumed the default w376g BT passkey is '0000' and that it has no relationship with the SIM Pin.

Tracfone doesn't have a systematic data-supported technical support process and will typically provide packaged answers, answers probably provided by mgrs in proddev and mktg. If you attempt to change the SIM Pin code and fail to accurately enter the default code it will eventually come up with the 'Enter SIM PUK' code which is Tracfone's way of telling you to call them and have them assist you in resetting the SIM Pin code. CSRs at Tracfone, as a matter of routine, tell customers to enter the code of '1111' as the SIM Pin. The SIM Pin2 code is probably '2222', if true then it should be easier to remember the codes for SIM Pins 1 and 2.

As much as I would like to accept the SIM Pin of '1111' as the 'magic bullet' it doesn't mesh with general bluetooth implementation of the w376g. Granted, my orientation with a 2008 Prius and the experience of many others with different car systems doesn't guarantee 100% accuracy of the assertion that the code of '0000' is the default BT passkey. It does indicate that the w376g is erractic in its BT implementation and acts illogically in many cases, depending on the car's BT implementation. The '0000' code works if you can initially establish a passkey change to '0000' on the car's BT or if you can establish a connection with another cellphone that has a more elegant BT implementation allowing for car BT passkey changing after deleting the first successful connection.

I tested a SIM Pin of '1111' on the w376g with a passkey of '1111' on the 2008 Prius and it failed to pair; the '0000' remained necessary in order to initially pair the devices. I first deleted all references to BT connections in the w376g and cleared the car's bluetooth of connections and set it to the default state, which establishes a default passkey of '1111'. After the initial pairing with the '0000' passkey I was able subsequently pair the devices with a code of '1111', but it required a messy process that is not easy to describe. The w376g is not an easy device to use with BT if you want the same flexibility that other cellphone users have; however, it does the job as a BT phone and it is good value.

Various car BT implementations will react differently with the w376g with many considerations involved, i.e. ability to disable 'auto connect' at the time of initial pairing, BT handshaking, navigation/non-navigation, etc.

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Motorola w376g pairing
by JEM2114 / July 18, 2008 12:42 PM PDT
In reply to: Moto W360g Bluetooth

The w376g will only use passkey of 0000; there is no way to set it to another code and 0000 will be automatically used when pairing. This seems consistent with pairing with headsets.

The car?s bluetooth settings screen or voice command will be the location to set the passkey for the car which should be set to 0000 before registering and subsequent pairing. Cars of different makes/models will use different bluetooth implementations. Compatibility issues abound, but the w376g should be compatible with most implementations within the last two or three years.

In the car?s bluetooth settings screen or voice response there should be an entry called ?passkey?; change the code offered up by the car?s bluetooth with 0000 and register noting the ?device name?. Ignor any instuction to enter code into phone as the w376g is hard-coded with 0000 and the w376g won?t permit change to the code.

On the w376g access the ?settings? menu selecting ?bluetooth link?. Select ?find me?, then select ?audio devices? and the screen should provide a menu listing the ?device name? for the car?s bluetooth noted earlier. Highlight and select the device name and pairing should begin.

If the car initially won't allow a change to the passkey some users have had success by first successfully pairing a bluetooth-capable cellphone that allows for changing the passkey on the cellphone. Once successfully pairing the borrowed cellphone, delete it and set the passkey to 0000 and follow instructions in previous two paragraphs.

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TracFone says w376g will NOT pair up with cars
by yww168 / July 20, 2008 3:26 AM PDT
In reply to: Motorola w376g pairing

After spending hours trying unsuccessfully (phone kept saying it couldn't find the device) to pair up the w376g with my car's Bluetooth even with the car's Passkey code changed to "0000", I decided to call Product Support for help. I spent close to 40 minutes on the phone with them and had this issue elevated to the Tier 3 level of their product support, the official answer from TracFone is this w376g will NOT work with any vehicle's Bluetooth system since it lacks the "software" to sync up. The only Bluetooth device that TracFone says will work with this w376g is either an earpiece or a headset. They are going to revise their website description on this phone to clearly state this phone's limited Bluetooth capability. They confirmed that they have received numerous calls on this issue from others who've purchased this phone thinking it would pair up with the car's system (even TracFone's phone sales people including their Tier 1 level tech support staff thought it would pair up to anything including cars). They also confirmed that they are currently working in updating the "software" to allow the pairing of this phone to vehicles in the near future and they are hoping this updated version will be released in about 2 months. They assured me that I have no need to buy a new phone for that. The update will be done over-the-air (not sure how this is going to work since TracFone never tells you to do the update of the software or programming like Verizon does with its *228). This official answer from TracFone should clarify the very limited Bluetooth capability of this w376g phone. Suggest for those of you who've purchased this w376g to call TracFone to complain this issue.

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W376g connects with bluetooth - Tracfone support limited
by JEM2114 / July 21, 2008 6:07 AM PDT

Tracfone tech support often doesn't develop a clear understanding of issues outside of phone updates, purchases of minutes, etc.
The w376g does connect with bluetooth equipped cars; I know this because I use the w376g "hands-free" in my Prius through the car's bluetooth function. Others I have communicated with have successfully configured it with other Toyota models (Camrey, Highlander) and there are reports of connections with Honda, GMC, etc.
If your car is under warranty take it to the dealer and request clarification of the car's bluetooth functionality and a demostration of its ability. Another suggestion would be to experiment with a borrowed phone (any bluetooth cellphone) that has successfully paired on another car.

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TracFone w376g won't pair even with car dealership help
by yww168 / July 21, 2008 11:15 PM PDT

Since my car is a '08 Camry, my bluetooth system should be same or very similar as your Prius and other Toyota and Lexus vehicles (maybe different vintage based on the year of the car). My car has no problem pairing up 2 other bluetooth phones (LG and Motorola from Verizon). I actually took my car in to the Toyota dealership yesterday and 2 techicians failed to get the w376g paired up but confirmed my system is fine. They even tried pairing the w376g to the service manager's own Highlander which already has 3 other phones paired up (the system allows up to 6 phones) but unable to do so. BTW, they used the "0000" passkey code already set in my car when trying to pair. In the service mgr's car, they changed the passkey to "0000" before trying to pair. None worked.

I even went 1 step further yesterday after the dealership visit. I went over my neighbor's to try to pair the w376g with his 2008 Lexus ES350 and again no luck (with passkey code set to "0000").

Your answer that the w376g paired up to your Prius really surprises me especially after TracFone's level 3 tech support told me otherwise and my dealership's failure to do same. I guess I'm at a loss now and more puzzled with your "success" story. Maybe others can share his success stories here.

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Your w376g may be defective
by JEM2114 / July 22, 2008 1:16 AM PDT

You have done some testing and it does'nt work At some point the question of that particular phone's status should be addressed. Tracfone's 'trac' record in support is a common topic in many forums so I doubt the forums will be of much help other than to find other 'success' stories or to read about other difficulties.
Since Tracfone has already taken an incorrect position that it doesn't work with bluetooth in cars you may have difficulty in getting a replacement.

I'm sorry you are having difficulty and I had hoped I could help. I do in fact have the w376g linked with the Prius' bluetooth and thought the experience could be of use.

Good luck!

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2009 Hyundai Sonata works
by dpgraney / July 29, 2008 10:33 PM PDT

It pairs up fine in my 2009 Sonata using the "0000" code.

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replacement phone won't work either
by yww168 / July 30, 2008 4:17 AM PDT

Glad it worked on your 2009. TracFone replaced my w376g with a new one just in case the first one is defective. Well, this second phone still doesn't pair up with the car's Passkey set to "0000".

Heard another person was able to pair it in another Toyota with a "1212" passkey. Not sure how that's possible if TracFone has the "0000" hard coded in the phone. Maybe they make different versions for different parts of the country.

TracFone called to follow-up and told me this w376g is designed to work with Bluetooth 2.0 which is what's used in headsets and earpiece. He said if my car has a different Bluetooth version, it won't work. I give up!

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Tracfone w376g
by UofA1984 / July 30, 2008 6:27 AM PDT

I have successfully pair two of these tracfone phones to my 2007 Camry hybrid. One for the wife and one for me. I did change the code on the camry to 0000 and it took. The second one paired without any problem. Originally the camry was set to some other number and it would not pair.

Has anone figured out how to transfer the phone book of the phone into the cars phonebook via the bluetooth? the car is easy to setup for the transfer however the phone seems lacking a transfer menu?


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How do I reset the passkey on TCH?
by a1chang1 / August 4, 2008 11:29 AM PDT
In reply to: Tracfone w376g

>>I have successfully pair two of these tracfone phones to my 2007 Camry hybrid. One for the wife and one for me. I did change the code on the camry to 0000 and it took. The second one paired without any problem. Originally the camry was set to some other number and it would not pair.

I have the exact car (w/o navigation) I can not reset the passkey to 0000. I tried the command as describe in the owner's manual but it wants to pair up the phone first? If I say "Set Passkey" it does not say invalid command but goes top confirm the command and then goes to a pairing processes with a number 1066.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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chaning the passkey
by UofA1984 / August 5, 2008 1:00 AM PDT

My 2007 Camry has the navigation system. Sorry, this probably will not help you, after I hit bluetooth on the screen I get the passkey settings with a change symbol next to passkey along with a keypad on the screen so I can change the existing number very easy and then enter OK.

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Borrow a bluetooth phone that allows a passkey change
by JEM2114 / August 5, 2008 3:35 AM PDT

It may not help, but some have had success by pairing another cellphone to the car then deleting it which may allow changing the car's passkey to '0000' for the next pairing. The dealer may be of help here as they have cellphones and knowledge of the car.

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Tracfone w376g bluetooth
by bh1859 / August 6, 2008 10:42 AM PDT

I bought the W376g today. I WAS ABLE to sync it with my 2008 Prius blue tooth system. I changed the cars passkey to 0000 and told the car to connect while the phone was searching. It found the "Hands Free" connection and works great. It took about 30 minutes of experimenting then i had to reconfigure my other phone to the new passkey. All work fine in the end.

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bh1859, can you outline your pairing steps?
by yww168 / August 6, 2008 11:45 PM PDT

bh1859, since the bluetooth system in your 2008 Prius should be identical to the one in my 2008 Camry and you were successful in pairing the w376g to yours, I'm now wondering maybe my dealer technicians and I must be missing a step or two during our pairing attempts since we were totally unable to pair it even after the passkey code was set to "0000". You said it took you about 30 minutes "experimenting" to get it configured, what difficulties did you run into? Is it possible for you to outline your pairing steps in detail so I may follow it? You also mentioned that you had to "reconfigure" your other phone to the same passkey. Does it mean all phones you pair up must have the same passkey code? I was told by the dealer as well as TracFone tech support that you could have different passkey codes for different phones but maybe they just don't know what they are talking about. Thanks.

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Device Name
by dfolz / December 15, 2008 4:30 AM PST

I found on my 2008 Prius that in addition to changing the code to 0000, I also had to change the Device Name on the Prius screen to match the Name of the Tracfone which is "Motorola Phone". Only then did they pair up.

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blue tooth car
by humanone / August 15, 2008 7:31 AM PDT

I'm embarrassed to ask this, but what is the advantage of blue tooth in the car paired with the tracfone (assuming one can do this successfully). I have a Prius; why would I want the phone to be used with the car rather than just an earpiece. Or...can I avoid the earpiece all together?

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LG-420G bluetooth tracfone works with 2010 GM blue tooth
by frco / June 22, 2010 8:48 AM PDT
In reply to: Tracfone w376g

the new LG-420G bluetoothh tracfone pairs very simply with any 2010 GM model.just follow GM's instructions, thats it just that simple, I e-mailed both tracfone and LG looking for a bluetooth phone that would pair with GM's bluetooh, both were no help, so LG and tracfone your LG-420g phone is the answer, and its only 19.99 with double time

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A miracle happened! The w376g finally paired.
by yww168 / August 9, 2008 5:33 AM PDT

As all of you are familiar that I was pulling my hair out trying to pair the w376g to my car's BT without any success including the replacement phone thinking the 1st phone was defective. Today I went into my garage and for the last time I decided to try it one more time especially after several people reported success with their pairing on their Toyotas. I followed the steps exactly as outlined in the w376g book just to be sure I didn't miss any steps and making sure the passkey was set to 0000 (I did the same previously). Well, it instantly connected. In fact it stunned me so much that I didn't really believe what I was seeing on the phone screen as well as the car's screen. The bottom line is I still have absolutely no idea why it didn't work previously and yet this time it took instantly. This also confirms my hunch that the tech support people at TracFone are a bunch of morons and idiots who repeatedly told me that this phone was not designed to pair with cars, only earpiece and headsets. Thank you all for your input and suggestions.

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Success! Tracfone Mot w376g and Sienna NAV
by crestonave / August 8, 2008 7:29 AM PDT
In reply to: Motorola w376g pairing

Hey JEM2114:

Thanks a zillion for the tip on the 0000 passkey! I had already paired my Samsung phone with the NAV in the 2007 Toyota Sienna but spent two hours yesterday trying to pair the TracFone. Once I changed the passkey on the NAV from 1111 to 0000 I was able to pair the phone with the NAV in less than a minute!

As to TracFone CSRs giving out bad info, perhaps they're not yet fully familiar with the functionality of the phone. In any case, I can absolutely confirm that I got the phone and the NAV to work together.

Thanks again!

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Got my TCH working too
by a1chang1 / August 8, 2008 2:22 PM PDT

Thanks also for all the tips. In my case, I had to borrow a friend's phone first before I can change the Passkey.


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im realy starting to hate tracfone.
by thwmathue / January 4, 2009 11:08 AM PST
In reply to: Moto W360g Bluetooth

i have had this phone for less than 2 weeks and ive spent more time talking with tech support than with my girlfriend. and now its the bluetooth. i cant get it to even see my bluetooth ready computer never mind my 08 accord. i set my computer to allow discovery. but the w376g doesn't even notice that there is anything there but the pc sees the phone.any help would delay me taking this P.O.S to the range and using it for target practice.

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Pairing from Tracfone Motorola w376g - Blue Ant Supertooth 3
by crzymtnboy / August 6, 2008 8:24 AM PDT

I bought the Tracfone w376g on July 8, 2008 and today attempted to pair it up with a Blue Ant Supertooth 3 Hands Free device I had just purchased. The pairing was accomplished without a hitch. However, I have not yet been able to transfer the Tracfone phone book contents to the Supertooth 3 and do not believe the phone has that capability. Upshot is the hands free device will automatically answer calls and will announce the caller's number; it will not give a caller ID.

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Bluetooth Headset
by mtucommander / August 16, 2008 1:18 PM PDT

I'm here answering an earlier question, that I never saw answered. The question stated, "Does your phone need to be activated in order to pair headsets?"

The answer is no, as soon as I received my w376g, I went and transferred my old number and minutes over. And then paired my headset and waited. And couldn't wait until my first call, lol. Bluetooth is amazing, with my particular headset I can auto-redial the last number with one button press.

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Tracfone W376g and Acura Bluetooth pairing
by legends117 / September 4, 2008 12:28 PM PDT
In reply to: Bluetooth Headset

Reading the previous posts I figured out how to pair a Tracfone W376g with my 2005 Acura MDX.

As with all phone pairing, you use the car's voice commands and set the pairing code to 0000

Then using the Tracfone menu, you make the W376g discoverable. Once you do that, you then go down the phone's bluetooth menu to Audio Devices, and let the Tracfone search for an audio device while the car is searching for the phone.

Apparently they find each other, and pair. It took all of about 30 seconds - of course, that was after I spent over an hour trying BEFORE I found these posts.

Good Luck

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