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Can the TC-P55ST60 display 120hz while gaming on a PC?

Hey everybody. I've had this particular plasma for years now and I was never really concerned about whether or not it could display at 120hz. However, recently, I've started using it as a gaming monitor and I've been wondering if it's possible with my current display. I tried making a custom resolution using ToastyX's tool along with Nvidia's as well. Unfortunately, all I get is a black screen on anything above 60hz. Any help at all in regards to this dilemma of mine would be much appreciated.

My display adapter is an EVGA GTX 970 OC'd connected to a Denon 1713 AVR via a "RedMere" HDMI cable. The television itself is also connected to the receiver with a "RedMere" HDMI cable. I have zero experience with 120hz, and am eager to see how it would improve my gaming experience (assuming it's possible, of course). As an aside, I've seen that 120hz has a much higher success rate at lower resolutions, but I'm not prepared to sacrifice 1080p for hertz. Just thought I'd make that clear in case that's the only way this can be done.

Overclock Guide:<br>

Also, this is just a small side question, but how do TV's today compare to the ST60? I got mine way back when it first came out in 2013. A year after that I had it professionally calibrated. The picture quality has been spectacular, but I've always had a niggling feeling that maybe I should have waited for a 4K TV. Especially, given that's going to be the new standard and all. I realize the technology is still in its early stages, but there are some games in particular that I imagine would look out of this world in 4K. What do you guys think? I guess I could always get a small 27" 4K monitor or something, but I just love gaming on the big screen. Happy

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The display is 120 if I read the specs right.

But the input rate is still 60. I wonder if you need to refine your question.

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Need some clarification

I'm not sure I understand what you're suggesting. Just to be clear though, your opinion is that this TV is in fact capable of showing 120hz while gaming on a PC? Are my cables not up to snuff, or something?

As a quick aside, I have attempted a direct connection between the TV and my graphics card, eliminating the receiver from the equation. Unfortunately, the result was the same. If I try to up the refresh rate in either the Nvidia CP or ToastyX's CRU all I get is a black screen.

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The display is always at 120

It's the input that is limited to 60. It has nothing to do with cables. It's a system that you see out there a lot. I've yet to see a TV that supports other than 24, 50, 60 input rates. The displays are now commonly at 60, 120 and higher multiples of 60 but you see a lot of confusion when folk first look into this.

So, in short, display panel rate is not tied to input rates.

Gaming is very nice at 60 fps input rates so look at input lag and you may find a few above say 30ms which is getting dodgy for some.

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Ah, I get it now.

Alright, I think I see what you're saying. I've heard how most TV manufacturers "claim" that their televisions can operate at a very high refresh rate, but in actuality that only applies to 3D content. Everything else is shown at 60hz, no matter what. With that said, I suppose that "overclocking" guide I linked to must not be entirely accurate. I mean, even if I could "overclock" this TV to 120hz would it really be a "true" representation of it? Feel free to share your thoughts, if you'd like.

Here's a thread from Tom's Guide that pretty much confirms what you're saying: <br>

The last post in that thread seems particularly relevant.

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I think you will fare much better now.

I've seen a lot of folk buy 120 Hz displays and then get burned up that the input rate is 60 because they wanted a gaming monitor.

If you want over 60 FPS input rates you need to shop gaming monitors.

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