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Can't remember password Win XP home ed.

Nov 26, 2005 6:08AM PST

I cannot remember my password to sign onto my account in Windows Xp Home ed. My account is also set up as the Administrator. There are 2 other accounts on my PC that do not have Administrator privileges. There has to be a way to recover the password, if not I'm screwed. Help......

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Well I will tell you how, it worked for me!
Nov 26, 2005 6:46AM PST

This same problem happended to me to on my laptop. I had Windows Me before then I upgraded it to windows Home Edition. Set up an acount then went to control panel to look at acounts on it, and mine was the only one there so I deleted it and I loged out. Then went to get somthing to eat, as I came back to logon, my USERNAME wasn't there so I took the Windows Home Edition CD and put it in the CD Drive. As it loaded it said somthing like Repair Windows if it doesn't then turn off the computer with the CD in the Drive then as it turns on the it should load and your compter should say on the screen BOOT PRESS Example:ctrl / s but that is just for my computer. Each computer has a different one. If this works then the CD will tell you what to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh! Also you will need the Windows CD that came with the computer are you can Buy one at the Store if you don't have one!

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try this
Nov 26, 2005 7:48AM PST

NOTE: If the hidden admin account (Safe Mode) is password protected you will need that password to use this procedure.

Boot to the sign in screen.




In the box that pops up type Administrator for the User name

leave the password blank and click OK or press Enter.

Windows will boot the hidden admin account.

Open Control Panel---User Accounts.

Open the account you are locked out of.

Click Remove Password.

Close out the open windows and Reboot.

If that is the only account you have windows will boot to your desktop. If there is more than one account just click the previously locked account.

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Nov 27, 2005 12:40AM PST

No disk needed.............reboot the computer, press F8 continually until the boot option screen comes up. Choose boot in safe mode. Obviously because you use home edition and there is a password you probably use the welcome screen, most do. When you boot to safe mode, the administrator account will show on the welcome screen. You of course must have the password for the admin account if one exists, but typically on most home machines there is not one present. After booting to windows follow the previous instruction and go into user accounts in control panel, you can then either remove or change the password for the account you wish to access.