Goto the properties, hit Ctrl+P(or directly under printer properties after selecting setting after hitting "Start") of the page you want to print. Then verify it is setup(check advance) for the proper printer, paper size, etc. and save if any changes or apply. Depending on the output sizing, you can changes the "margins" thus increase the actual area of the printout, which I'm sure is your problem. Don't change too much the margins, just alittle will go a long ways, like .05 to .04 change but do what works best. That can be for both right and left as well as top and bottom. Beware, even though you increase the printing area, some websites just aren't printable, in that they provide too big of a printout and overwhelm your page size. Some do provide a"print friendly" output so you can more easily print w/o fancy fonts, etc.. Remember alot of website info is buried within the display and having fancy display is just too much for typical printer to place all on 8.5x11in. paper. The above is the first areas I would check.

enjoy -----Willy Happy