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When I press CTL + PRINT SCREEN nothing happens. How can I get this to work? Also, if I do get it to work, will it print ALL THE TEXT on the screen? (What I have been doing is going to the File drop down menu and clicking on Print Preview because I have found that in Portrait View not all the letters actually show up. To correct this I have to print in Landscape View, which I don't like because it uses more paper. Some sites have a "Print View" button, which gets everything in portrait, but not all do, such as this site.)

I would also be interested in finding out if there is a way to print screens that DO NOT have "print view" and be able to get all the print without having to change to landscape. I have tried changing the text size from the View drop down menu, but that doesn't work either.

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Since about 1995, Windows now sends that to the clipboard.

And not to the printer. Now paste it into PAINT and print it.


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Here we go again ...

You ought to read any of the many other threads that are already here, on this subject. Just search for "print screen"

Anyway, in the interest of brevity, and to save you the searching...

The "Print Scrn" button only copies screen data, a picture of the screen, into your Windows buffer (a temporary holding area).

At that time, it is up to you to open some application the you can then paste that buffer into, for example the Windows Paint application. (That's not the only one, but it is readily available on any Windows PC.)

There are applications that you can search for, on the web, which you can load to minimize your effort, so that just pressing "Print Scrn" button with either really print the image to your printer, or to save it as some sort of image file to a place of your choosing.

Since the "Print Scrn" button copies the entire screen, there is one alteration to that area,
if you hold down the "Alt" button at the same time you press the "Print Scrn" button then instead of the entire screen being copied, it is altered to just copy the active window.

Last point, the screen or window copied is just a picture of that area. Do not expect to be able to paste that data into (for example) a Word document and then be able to edit the text. The picture is NOT editable text. It is a picture, that's all.

(There are some software tools you can find that may be able to "grab" the text off the screen using the "Print Scrn" button, but, in most cases, you can get easier results if you can highlight the desired text and press the Ctrl-C button. Then paste (Ctrl-V) into your document of choice.)

I hope that helps.

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Here we go again ...

I guess I was thinking that I could do the CTL+PRINT SCREEN in notepad or wordpad--it doesn't work. The only way is by highlighting, copying and pasting (in these 2 formats only). But, thanks for the feedback

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I have done this:
1. Press Print Screen
2. Open MS Word
3. Right click in the blank page
4. Select Paste
The Screen is copied to the Word Document.

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