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Can't play these AVI's on my LE32C650 - anyone know why?

Hi, Can anybody think of the reason why AVI's in these format wouldn't even show up in the list of files on my plugged in USB HDD using the Media Play 2.0 browser? (Note, many other video files show up)

(from the Media Info dialogue in VLC - the files play fine on my PC)

File 1:
Resolution...... 1280x720
SA.............. BVOP: YES | QPEL: NO | GMC: NO
Framerate....... 23.976
Video........... AVI, MPEG-4 Video (XviD), 2596 Kbps
Audio........... A52 Audio (aka AC3)(a52), 3F2R/LFE Channels, 448 Kbps

File 2:
Resolution...... 1280x720
Framerate....... 25
Video........... AVI, MPEG-4 Video (Xvid), 3090 Kbps
Audio........... A52 Audio (aka AC3)(a52), 3F2R/LFE Channels, 384 Kbps

Is there any reason why it should even show up in the list of video files when the browser reads my plugged-in drive, let alone play? The only thing I can think of is the Audio Format, but usually it would play and say 'cannot play back audio codec' or something like that.

Any thoughts much appreciated. I can convert it, sure, but would prefer not to until I know what is wrong with them.



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Reporting: Can't play these AVI's on my LE32C650 - anyone know why?
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Can't play these AVI's on my LE32C650 - anyone know why? -


It may be the resolution. Most of the codecs support 1920x1080 resolutions.


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I thought it was support UP TO 1920x1080

I don't think you are right... Can you check this? Because the specs are for resolutions "up to" not "only".

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I'm finding

I'm finding folk that expect what plays on the PC to play on their HDTV. Once we get past that, it gets easier.

Yes I see XviD and a very high audio rate that looks outside what is supported. XviD can be encoded in how many versions and settings so one would have to compare the exact XviD encoding settings and see if the HDTV supports that. But that audio does look odd.

Did you need that discussion about HDTV versus PC?

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It's been my experience that it is with what app/app settings the files were compressed with that is the problem..Seems the avi containers don't all use the same codecs. I have watched literaly thousands of vid files on my samsung product (bd-p3600) with some avi and mp4 files not able to play, but play fine on another brand...but also, the reverse can be said, play fine on mine but not on the other brand.

I have already posted about this way back (hd_tech may/may not remember)...hd_tech...asking about having vlc installed ring any bells????

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Will never happen. We can discuss why. Ready? VLC does violate patents in some countries. The DVD player feature for instance runs afoul of in USA. This is why VLC is lucky to not be in the USA.

At least you are aware of the codec issues. But I found your comment about AVI don't use all the same codecs interesting. AVI is a "container" format and you can use any codec under the Sun inside that container. And folk are free to create another codec at any time. Be gently when folk ask if AVI or h.264 offer the "best" compression or such questions. It means they are just beginning so be gentle.

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Hi Bob

No I don't need the conversation - I understand the difference. The TV has a built-in media player - it can't play everything, I understand that. I am actually a video professional, I am trying to figure out my new box and just wanted to know if anyone could see why it wouldn't work is all. It's silly to try to convert it until you know why.

I converted one of the AVI's to plain MPEG-4 @ 1500kbps (ffmpeg) as a test in an .MP4 container and it showed up in the list but when I opened it up to play in Media 2.0 the Software said 'Video is in an unsupported format' - and I have done heaps of other plain MPEG-4 (ffmpeg) in .MP4 containers at a higher bitrate than this that have played back fine so I don't get it. The audio was reprocessed also to AAC (Dolby Pro Logic II) @ 160kbps... but it said nothing about the audio.

Also I have a 15Mbps H.264 encoding, 1080p, mp4, AAC (Dolby Pro Logic II) @ 320kbps that I made myself in Handbrake that isn't showing up in the list either (NOTE: IT IS A NEARLY 20GB FILE THOUGH). I have previously played back MP4's with h.264 encoding at even 25Mbps that I have encoded too, also with AAC @ 320Kbps that have shown up and played back... so I can't figure this out unless the file size is too big for the media 2.0 to handle. Would that be it?

Thanks for insights Bob, keep em coming.

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Work backwards.

Take a file that works and examine with the tool called GSPOT CODEC APPLIANCE. Encode files in ways that work or read the TV manual for clues.

You have a handle on codecs and settings but not what this set supports.

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Work backwards is a very good suggestion... will do it.

You are right about that Bob! I have read the manual but it is not very detailed.

Anyway I will use the GSPOT (curiously named huh?) codec appliance, thanks for suggesting it.


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