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can't open word file, Word 2007 asks how I want to encode...

Nov 12, 2010 3:42PM PST

So I typed up my homework on either word 2003 or word 2007 and the file was saved in word 98-03 format. As far as I can recall, I did not save it in any special format nor did I encode it in any special way. Every time I open a certain word file through word 2007, a window pops up and says,"Select the encoding that makes your document readable." I select "Windows (Default)" option and click OK but I get weird symbols and numbers. Is my document corrupt? I don't understand how I could have corrupted it through normal use.

As further background information, I am using both office 2003 and office 2007 on Vista Business edition 32-bit. I have not encountered this problem before when I was using both Office versions. I save my word files directly to my flash drive. Copying and pasting the document to my desktop and running it from there did not help.

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Seems like a corrupted document indeed.
Nov 12, 2010 10:13PM PST

Try it on another PC to confirm the diagnosis. Then better start retyping from your last good backup.


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still doesn't work
Nov 13, 2010 4:10AM PST

I tried it on my other desktop computer using Word 2007, same window pops up asking me how I want to encode it. I suspect it is my Kingston flash drive that is to blame.

What is the best way to fix corrupted documents?

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Re: fixing corrupt word document
Nov 13, 2010 4:26AM PST
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It's all about backup.
Nov 13, 2010 4:13AM PST

After all the lessons about losing files, I still find folk try to keep homework on some USB stick with no backup. I think you've learned your lesson so moving on.

Try this. Goto to Google documents and see if it can handle it. Also try opening it with Open Office.

After that, the price gets higher. A backup copy is the cheap fix.

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another question
Nov 13, 2010 9:42AM PST

Thanks for the responses, guys.

I thought flash drives were more stable than HDDs and I have never encountered this problem with my other flash drives.

Is my Kingston flash drive defective or is this some random glitch?

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It's not perfect.
Nov 14, 2010 3:32PM PST

So far all storage media has proven one thing. We must have a backup copy.