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Can't open threads or some so slow I fall asleep

Dell 2350 XP rebuilt 120G HD 1G Ram, new CDRW/DVD. Why is my computer speed so slow. Always have about 50 systems running all the time. I open google- click news- try to open site -real slow, try to open thread--gets 4-5 green dots than stops or take 10 minutes to open. Sometimes won't open. I go to options and delete all.-- still slow. I've redownloaded IE 7. I defrag, redo registry--ch disk-- nothing helps. Help please nmrabbit

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Reporting: Can't open threads or some so slow I fall asleep
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Internet search?
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To C: treads 1

My computer opens files and folders just great on the computer. It is only when I go to IE 7 Or OE6 That I have a problem. Just now to get to reply to you took 3 tries. After I logged in I had to use double click to open this post. Using single click it will start but just sets there for hours. Same on IE 7 I open google or msn then click news, News opens, but when I try to open a thread with single click it just sets there like a donkey. Sometimes it will open with double click and sometimes it will not. I clean off the options-spyware,history etc and still shows no progress. The computer will not do more than 1 function at a time. If it locks up I've checked the taskmaster- it says program running-- the cpu will show the spike where it started to open than zero action.
I have AVG Free, ZoneAlarm, SpyBot and RegistryFix ---AVG FREE and ZoneAlarm I have used for 10 years and no problems. Spybot for 5 years and RegFix for 3 with no problems. I have run scans today. All OK, except Spybot removed 12 pups. Reg had just 15 errors.
I have found with the experience if my programs slow down than there is a lot of fragmentation on the HD. Defraging will speed this up.
Right now my desk top is set with Azul and the screensaver is Starfield. I'm stuck!

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To C: Can't open Threads 1

I could not get the reply to send when I used OE 6 with CNET link. So I'm using IE 7 Thro the forum. I have used AVG Free, Zone Alarm for 10 years, Spybot for 5 And RegFix 3 years-no problems. I ran scans today. Spybot fixed 12 pups. RegFix 12 errors. Sweep Hist-etc from Options. I defrag when my programs slow dow-find lots of fragmatation files. Programs speed up. My problem is with opening threads. Open CNET link. log-in, Have to double click reply. Single click won't work at all. If sin cl- TaskMaster shows program running. CPU shows spike when open then just flat line. Won't ever open link. Open google/MSN open news- Try to open thread----same as above, if I double click sometimes it opens sometimes not. sin cl--won't open.
What now--I'm stuck.
Desktop is Azul--SS is starfield.

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What version of AVG are you running?

I just went through a period where my machine was running similar to what you describe. I have XP sp3 and came across some threads where other people said they had downloaded the lastest AVG 9.0 w/ XP and machine was crawling.

I uninstalled AVG 9.0 using control panel and my machine was back humming again. It was a little tricky finding a trustworthy site that had an older version AVG 8.5 to go back to. File Hippo has several earlier versions and that worked well for me. If you are running 9.0 on XP my bet is that's the problem.

Good luck let me know if that is a fix.
Filehippo download:

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To: C--Threads2

I uninstalled AVG 9.. Nothing changed Some threads still slow as mollassas. Could not find any site that would allow me to download AVG 8.5--------------Now What?

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Well, since you're using IE, and IE7 at that, you almost certainly have malware. So that's problem #1.

Problem #2 is you mention use of a registry program. These often cause more problems than they ever cause.

Problem #3 is you think chkdsk has anything to do with performance. It doesn't. It just checks the disk for errors, and fixes them if it can. Nothing more, nothing less.

Issue of note #1 is that defragmenting is a relic of an age long past and really has little to no impact on overall performance.

Issue of note #2 is you don't mention how many programs you have running. If you have a million and one notification tray (often incorrectly called the system tray) programs on top of a bunch of memory sucking programs, then things will naturally be slow.

Issue of note #3 is you don't mention if there's any file sharing program use. If there is, aside from being a great way to contract all kinds of nasty viruses and malware, and the legal issues of 99.9% of the content being pirated, a lot of people don't know how to configure these programs correctly and end up saturating their network connection.

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To Grey. See Thread 1 above.

Sometimes there is 47-50 processes running at the same time. Taskmaster shows-SYSTEMS 93,592KB to msmsgs.exe 2,504KB. Only zlclient CPU 14, ISWSVC CPU 02, System Idle Process SYSTEMS CPU 84 16K
Processes 50 CPU usage 16-18% Commit Charge: 583M/2461M
That help? nmrabbit

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Very slow IE 8 + FireFox

My problem is similar to nmrabbit. Both my browsers are very slow to reply to a click/double click. Both of them many times take about an hour (if I wait that long) to display the page I requested. It is not the browsers, since both are doing the same. The computer is as fast as before, nothing special about it. I removed FireFox & re-installed it. I noticed that this happens more often with some web pages, i.e. Google. With CNET, Hotmail and many more pages, I hardly notice any deterioration in speed. Just after I click/double click the link, the 2 little displays on task bar (right side - Tx, RX) flash simultaneously for a while, then Tx flashes many times & no Rx, until both stop flashing for minutes at a time. I highlight the address bar & hit ENTER, the Tx flashes, no Rx. On task bar (left side) a message: ?Waiting for reply from...?, and sometimes ?DONE? is displayed, but no reply to my request is displayed. OE is fine, regarding speed. The only way to get the page I requested to display is to hit REFRESH, but on few occasions this didn?t work at the first click; I had to click 3 or 4 times to get my request to display. Definitely, GOOGLE GROUPS is the worse of the situations. I use AVG, ZA, SpyBot and already tested the system with all of them off; I also tested the PC with no other programs working. The results are the all the same. Both browsers load at normal speed and with GOOGLES GROUPS the first 4, 5 or 6 requests work 100%; then the browser starts to slow down to a crawl. HP hardware, XP + sp3.
Any help?

Regards to all.
Tony (Johannesburg)

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Threads 3

To C. + T. I believe I got it whipped. I uninstalled AVG, ZoneAlarm, SpyBot. IE 7. Always uninstall from Program Access. I reinstalled IE 7; First Save to Docs. then run. Did same with Z.A, AVG, Spybot. Now one doesnot conflick with the other. Everything now seems to open just fine. After each installation--RESTART. Do not bunch them together to restart. Make sure that you have a windows desktop and screensaver running and not someother brand when you do this. I've had windows since 1992. From 92 to 03 never had a problem. Then this Dell in 03 began with a lot of problems. After a year it ran smooth until 08, then things began to happen one after the other. Thats why in 09 I overhauled it. Nobody never did tell me that I should (save to) Docs any program I downloaded before running it. I allways Run,Run, Run them. Hope this helps in the future. I Thank All who have been kind and sent me help.

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glad you sorted it all out

good to hear you got things running smooth.

I am having problems with zone alarm and I think I am going to follow your procedures to see if I can remedy.

Thanks for the ideas and descrptions.

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Zone Alarm

I would prefer Zone Alert Free, but I couldn't fine the site anymore. It had a page where you could control sites from ---incomeing and outgoing-- or block altogether.
I believe that all my problems before where because, I Run programs when downloading and (NOT) SAve the program first.
Why---after talking to techs for years on Microsoft-Windows and Dell and other community forums and colleges--NOBODY EVER TOLD ME THIS!!!!!!!! So, I believe they never think to tell anyone and therefore lies most of the users problems.

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