can't format c-drive -- need to quit disk utils


am trying to format c-drive for a very old Win 2000 machine I need to get rid of...

I have tried numerous times, it says it can't format, I have to quit all disk utils first.... but how do I do this? (they don't show up as open programs, so I don't know to quit them...)

thank you....

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Reporting: can't format c-drive -- need to quit disk utils
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As with all Windows

You can never format the drive the OS booted from. You can wipe it clean with DBAN (see google.)

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can't format floppies either...

thank you... I will try this...

however, need to format some old floppies first... but W2000 won't format those either...

either it says "access denied" or that it couldn't complete the format... (tired in DOS shell too, get prompt "access denied")

some floppies even just to read (browse in Win Explorer) it says "access denied" why would that be?
(get "access denied also if try to navigate to a: drive in DOS shell...)

thank you...

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more on formatting floppies....

actually when I do

format a:

in DOS shell, I get prompt:

Insert new disk for drive A:

it's not reading it.... Sad

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Sounds right.

Why would you expect this to work given the above details? Are you new to Windows 2000? I don't want to upset you but it's a very old OS with some very new user unfriendly issues.

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Just like we did back then we would check permissions, try another account and consider our training on this OS.

Windows 2000 was not consumer friendly back then and troubleshooting this one is going to tap your background in this old OS. I can't do this over a forum as well as in person. So think over what changed since it worked.

We can always format diskettes by booting up any other LiveCD or even a dos floppy.

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loading and reading a floppy is suddenly so complicated on Win 2000????

these are the same floppies that years ago I popped in and out in this same machine, and was able to read and write them w/no probs.... Wink

don't see what issue is...

thank you......

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It can be.

I recall the old FLOPLOCK and other apps and settings back then where you would lock or deny floppy use in this OS.

I don't know if you took those classes or read all those books on 2000 so I'm writing as if you are a seasoned owner/administrator.

Then again some hardware could have failed. Booting a DOS diskette should be old hat to a Windows 2000 owner and user.

Sorry that I can't give a click this button to get what you wanted done but something was odd from the first post that you wanted to format C. Windows never allowed that and you didn't reveal why you wanted to do that.

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Re: format old floppies

Why format? The only possible reason is re-use. If you want to discard them, just physically destroy (screwdriver, scissors and such).
And - if you need to format - why not format on the machine you're going to use them on? That must have a working drive or you can't use them. There's no need at all to do it on this old machine.

And, with floppies detoriationg when time goes by, it's quite possible they are already past recovery.


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Wipe out the HD

If your PC has a CD drive and does read well plus your PC can boot from it, use that instead. Access to burning a CD is also requited, so be sure you can or use a friend's??? Google DBAN or KILLDISK, find the .ISO file and d/l it, then use your disc burning s/w and use the image(.ISO) file and burn and it should once done be a bootable CD. Now, provided your PC's bios is set to boot from CD as 1st boot device, if not, reset it. Once done, you can boot from the CD and follow prompts to "wipe clean" your old HD. DBAN and KILLDISK should also have the floppy versions as well if no CD drive available. I left out the real fine details, but you should get the idea what's required here.

tada ------Willy Happy

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can't format c-drive -- need to quit disk utils

Kali, You need a working floppy drive, so after #2 below if you're floppy drive is still not working you need to get one. They're cheap and easy to install, just crack the case, undo the screws holding the floppy in, unplug it from the internal power supply, take out the old and put in the new. However the process is to take it out will be the order in which you put it in. Just reverse the procedure...

1. "quit..." if you can access the net get an XP copy of "msconfig". Download it, put it in the sys32 folder. Exit.

2. I'm going to assume here (you need to provide a LOT more detail on what sys you're using to do this, as well as the w2k machine...a LOT more) that you're trying to do this from the w2k sys. So, after the download and install into the sys32 folder, (steps/buttons/clicks) Start>Run>msconfig>startup. Now, uncheck anything that points in the direction of these utils. Click Ok/Save Changes (etc.)>exit>re-boot. That should do it for problem 1..
Note: if that doesn't work then you're utils have a registry entry that keeps reloading them @ startup...I'm not even going to begin to explain that one. You'll need a comp literate buddy to help you there.

3. Wiping out your root directory. You need a floppy so that you can download and use any of the aforementioned programs. OR, google "fdisk" get a copy on a floppy. Boot your sys and hit the key to access the BIOS. Find the boot order, enable first boot location as the floppy, save your changes, put the floppy in (before you exit the BIOS) and exit. Hit the F8 key and use the command prompt selection/choice/option. That'll bring you to a command prompt without loading windows. Change to drive floppy...usually a: so, @ the flashing cursor that you're now at, the keystrokes would be: "a:"(without the quotation marks) thats all, hit enter. IF, you're floppy is working, it should be if you follow the above. Type in fdisk and hit enter. NOW, if I were you and had limited knowledge of comps and the how-to's I would get a comp tech buddy to take it from here. Fdisk will obliterate any and all drives and any info on them. Additionally, fdisk is not a learn as you go, graphically pleasant command. It is a no prisoners taken DOS command in a command line environment. You want easy, get an external drive, one that DOES NOT HAVE anything other than w2k programs, commands, loaded into it. You format in anything other than w2k it AIN'T GONNA WORK! Rule of thumb with comps and OS's. You can go backwards (most of the time) BUT you CAN NOT GO FORWARD. Don't forget anything today was built/compiled from yesteryear. Or, in other terms Win7/8 can read/operate most XP and later windows os'....(w2k is a whole other universe though), BUT you can not use '98/XP/ME/Vista to load/operate the newer OS' software/programs/interfaces/etc.

Hope this helps or at least points you in a different perspective


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