Well depending on who is the administrator as to who can do different things on the account. A Administrator can do whatever he/she wants to on the commuter. A limited account is just that limited. The limited account is limited to what ict can download of the internet (if anything), can not update Microsoft, and is limited to what programs it can put on the computer. Check to see who is the administrator or owner.

I would recommand if you haven't done so, run a 2nd spyware program over your computer. Sometimes it takes the second one to get rid of all the spyware. There are several free such as Ad-Adware SE Personal by Lavasoft or Spybot Search and Destroy are two good free ones.

CNET should have both programs. Registry Mechanic at www.pctools.com , has a free trial version if you want to check to see if what errors there are on your computer. But it might be too much information.