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Can't delete 1 email in Windows Mail.

I get message Unknown error has occurred. It happens with only 1 email. I read somewhere to delete the WindowsMail.MSMessageStore but that didn't solve the problem.

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Reporting: Can't delete 1 email in Windows Mail.
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Two primary options...

1.) Go into C:\Users\your username\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Mail\Local Folders (note that the directory is hidden by default) and find/delete the message directly be looking for the matching date/time stamp.

2.) Go into the webmail account and delete it directly from there as opposed to using the e-mail client.

Hope this helps,

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Windows Mail email deletion

I tried about everything to fix this too. Here's what worked!!!!!

I simply marked the email as unread and deleted it. That's it and it worked.

How annoying.


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Can't delete an e-mail message freom Windows Mail

Funny, the message that won't delete, does not show up in my Local Folders/Inbox? What to do now?

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Windows Live Mail 2011 email deletion

I hadn't opened the message because it was SPAM, but after marking it as unread, was able to delete it !?


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Hey, this works!

Thanks for this tip. Problem solved. Yes, annoying, but whatever works . . .

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Windows Mail email deletion

Thank you for the tip. I had this random problem again and your simple tip works.

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if the above doesn't work (it didn't for me) ...

try just dragging the email into your Deleted Items folder! - that's what I ended up doing

crazy - I couldn't delete it by hitting the menu bar Delete button or right-clicking and selecting Delete ... I tried moving the other messages out and deleting the folder (plus thought I tried the other options above) ... then it just happily dragged into my Deleted Items folder ... !

(it was marked as read, so perhaps that helped too)

good luck Blush

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OMG, it worked!

I'd tried everything under the sun to get rid of a mail in my 'sent' folder. I even wrote on Windows Community forum. Their solution didn't work, either. But dragging it to the delete folder DID. Thank you SO much!

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Drastic measures

I tried everything suggested.

Finally, I exported the messages and contacts.

Then I deleted the account and recreated it and imported everything.

The messages that could not be deleted did not exist, technically speaking. They were more like ghosts that had to be exorcized. Happy

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additional info

I should add that I am using Windows 7 Home 64-bit and Windows Live Mail 2012.

Sorry for the confusion.

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deleting the undeletable

It worked for me too. I would add that not only was it difficult to delete, but it caused the cursor to sparkle, and (when at the top of the in box) froze the account so that no mail could be received. After I dragged it to the delete file, and cleared the delete file, 25 e-mails were suddenly downloaded. I have asked the originator of this forwarded email (which I'm sure has pictures in it) to forward it again to a different account so I can check for viruses. I've had similar forwarded e-mails like this recently, but this is the first I couldn't easily delete. Things are getting worse.

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Get rid of junk mail tha won't delete

Go to the sidebar and select (entire) Junk Mail folder/ right click and select empty junk mail folder but make sure there is nothing you want in it since it will all be gone as soon as you select the option to empty. Simplest way I found to fix this ANNOYING issue.

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Can solve it

Windows Vista/7:

1. Click the Start menu.

2. Click Control Panel.

3. Click Programs.

4. Click Programs and Features.

5. Search for Windows Essentials 2012 on the list and then select it.

6. Click Uninstall/Change.

7. Click Repair all Windows Essentials programs.

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The method above worked

I had same problem with several junk like emails--- couldn't use the "X" to delete. The spam message resisted deletion and I just got a bell ding sound to highlight that it wouldn't delete.

Using shift-delete on the keyboard worked. I even grouped them all together and used shift delete to remove them all at one time. Then the 7 step repair method above under the uninstall/change key in control panel worked well to repair my Windows Mail 2012 program.

I don't know the technical cause of this problem. I guess Windows Mail just got corrupted somehow.

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If its spam and you can't move it anywhere try this

If its spam try this, once you’re turned off any preview features, then you can safely select the message with a single click. Once the message is selected, hold down the SHIFT key and press DELETE. That’s Shift-Delete, to permanently delete the message. (You may be asked to confirm that you want to permanently delete the message.)

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This worked for me

Thanks for this last message . Nothing else worked for me, but this one did!

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Worked! Thanks!

Thanks. This is the only one worked for me.

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Delete emails problem Windows Mail

Seems that hitting the upper case button and delete actually deletes the email, well it does for me!

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Message wont delete

Dragging to the deleted message folder worked for me. Simple delete after this..poof..message gone. Did a virus check afterwards to make sure nothing was left behind.

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