Are you trying to watch stored videos on your pc or stream right from a website on your pc? I just did this for my samsung tv this weekend, so hopefully this is what you are trying to do - All Share feature has to be on within your TV, and also downloaded to your pc and configured. Then on your TV, make the source PC, and on your pc you should see the tv appear as one of the devices. Now,this is for viewing videos that are saved on your pc. I am trying to figure out how to 'clone' my computer on my tv, as I use to do that with an older pc and older tv I had, but I am reading i have to purchase another piece of hardware to make that happen. With this, I would like to go to a website via my pc, and then stream it to my tv, but no luck so far. Hopefully, you just want to watch videos that are stored on your pc, so you should be okay with All Share ( download and users manual on Samsung website).