Since this has been off and on, I have changed things and it started working, only to find it randomly stop later. (first was windows firewall...disabled and everything was fine when I switched to zonelarm...then disabling ipv6 worked for a bit...) I tried something else tonight, which was to mess with my router settings. There is an option to put your computer on the network outside the router, which I did. That seems to work fine! But...I don't want to leave my computer on the net outside my router.....

Anyone know how to set it up to trick the computer or router into thinking it's outside the network without it actually being so?

My router is a D-Link WBR-210 (build A1), and I have the newest firmware 1.05.

My computer is running windows vista home premium 32 bit, and is as up to date as possible on all drivers/windows updates.