Can not hear voices/dialogue on blu ray discs.

Hello all, I am desperate. I have a Sony BDP-S580 Blu-ray player connected via hdmi to an Element E4SFT5517 TV. When I play a blu ray disc I can hear the background sounds but no dialogue when people are talking. Here are the settings for the Sony player:

Audio (HDMI) set to Auto
DSD Output Mode set to Off
BD Audio MIX Setting set to Off
Dolby Digital set to Downmix PCM
DTS set to Downmix PCM
DTS Neo:6 set to Cinema
Audio DRC set to Off
Downmix set to Stereo

Additionally, I have a direct tv cable box connected to the tv via HDMI and have no sound issues whatsoever when watching cable tv.

I appreciate any help please.

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Reporting: Can not hear voices/dialogue on blu ray discs.
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Clarification Request
Is there a better Sound System you can use?
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Sounds to me.

(Pun intended) like the downmix is defective. Check your model for new firmware at the player maker's site to see if they updated before you call it in. If you are unsure how to find or update the firmware, call it in.

Some titles do have awful sound tracks with muffled speech. Those can't be fixed but here I find that the PCM or Stereo settings often help.

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Reinstalled the firmware

Thank you for the advice. The firmware on the Sony player was up to date however i reinstalled the firmware from Sony's website just to be sure. The problem still exists, no change.

Any other ideas?

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Make the call.

To me it sounds like the downmix is defective. You may have audio tracks on the title you can choose and maybe they have a better audio mix on the title. I know that a few folk I showed this to were unaware that DVD and BD can have other audio tracks.

If this doesn't help, call it defective and try other players.

PS. IDEA. DO NOT DOWNMIX in the player. Try sending the audio as-is to the TV.

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So I changed the Sony player audio settings as follows:

Changed from:
Dolby Digital set to Downmix PCM
DTS set to Downmix PCM

Changed to:
Dolby Digital set to Dolby Digital
DTS set to DTS

Outcome is still the same. However, when i change from "English DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1ch" to "English Dolby Digital 2.0ch" using the BD player remote, I can get all the sounds, dialogues, voices etc..........except there's now a descriptive audio voice that comes out. This is not a directors commentary, but basically verbalizes the actions of the movie itself. Example, I put in Star Wars Rogue One BD and this descriptive audio commentary says "a group of storm troopers walks down the hall", or "she makes a slight frown", "he taps the triangular object". These are not lines from the movie but like i said more of a descriptive commentary aide. I thought there may be some type of accessibility setting for blind but nothing.

Side note, I'm not using a receiver just straight from the player to the TV. Keep in mind there is no issue when watching a show from the directtv cable box. And I did not have this problem on my previous Element TV. I just got the new Element TV recently and this start happening.

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So all titles or just this title?

It sounds like downmix is horribly broken and the 2.0ch is defective on that title.

I take it that this is a new TV and the old unknown TV was fine. This again points to downmix failures.

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Yes, this sound issue is with all titles as I've tried 4.

So if its the downmix has failed on the BD player, I'm curious as to how come it works on my older element TV?

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Because downmix can be done on the TV.

TVs can have audio processing too. When I wrote old unknown TV I had hoped for more details.

But it doesn't matter. All this points to downmix issues. Time to try a receiver or sound bar.

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Thank you!

I really do appreciate your time and advice, thank you very much. I'm going to try the xbox one, which plays bluray, on the new TV and the old one which is an Element ELEFT502. And then try the receiver/sound bar. I was on the phone with tech support for over an hour earlier today and they were baffled too, lol. Then if all fails, exchange the tv. Thanks again! Cheers

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Yes. Use receiver or soundbar

This will most likely eliminate the audio ‘quirks’/incompatibility between multi-region BD player and budget HDTV.

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I’m having the same issue!

We’re you able to resolve your issue? I recently bought a Vizio D50x-G9 TV, it is paired with a Sony BDP-S300 blu-Ray. My previous TV (Sony Bravia, 2008), works fine with the DTS HD blu-rays, but I’m having the same issue with the Vizio that you did. No dialogue, only background sounds, music and voices. Vizio tech support is saying it’s the blu Ray but evidence doesn’t support this.

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Try other than HD Audio.

Try stereo tracks, etc.

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Blue-ray dialogue issue

I have exactly the same issue. I tried all the solutions i read about. Nevertheless, all the newest highest quality disks (such as Black Panther, Vice, Godzilla: King of Monsters) won't produce the dialogue correctly. (I think they are encoded with DTS 7.1 or Dolby Atmos.) Older blue-ray players, and lower tech new discs don't seem to have this issue. I connected the oldest player I have, used the same discs, and it sounded great.

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