...and remember, this is only guess-work on my part.. At this point, Microsoft has set the 2014 for end of update support, etc. They may extend it, but I doubt it will be extended to 2022..

Besides, eventually, something on the computer will break.. Be it a hard drive, or a motherboard, graphics card, etc.. If you stored/kept replacements of the exact same hardware plus copies of all the drivers, you could then swap them in when something broke.. Unfortunately, most don't do such and when something on the computer breaks, you'll have to replace it with a part that may not have a Windows XP compatible driver. For example, if you buy a brand new PC and attempt to install Windows XP on it, many are having trouble finding supported hardware drivers.. It's a risk. If you happen to have a "miracle" PC and nothing fails in the next ten years, sure it would still work.

In addition, various programs and applications will eventually stop supporting Windows XP.. For example, it's near impossible to find an antivirus or antispyware program that still supports Windows 98.

Printers will eventually stop supporting Windows XP.

Still, you never know.. Our office had a few Win98 machines for well-past the EOL date by Microsoft.. We used them for specific tasks and as long as they kept running, we kept using them.. When something broke, they went bye-bye.

Hope this helps.