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Can I use my PAL 220V PS3 in Canada?

Oct 26, 2008 6:02AM PDT

Hi...I have a PAL 60GB PS3 which I purchased in Dubai. I will be moving to Canada soon, and I would like to know the following:

1. I've noticed that the details on the side of my PS3 says: "220-240V ~ 1.8A 50/60Hz". Will this power specification be a problem for me to use it in Canada since the power specification there is 110V? What do I need to take care for it to work in Canada?

2. Since the PS3 is PAL and if I purchase a regular SD TV in Canada, will there be any problems since the TVs are generally NTSC there?

Thanks in advance!

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If in doubt
Oct 26, 2008 3:39PM PDT

If in doubt, considering the cost of the PS3 is around $500CA IIRC, assuming you were going to buy a replacement... I'd consider it to be a trivial expense in comparison to buy a power adapter for the thing to work with the 110V grid in Canada, and even a PAL to NTSC video adapter. I wouldn't think it'd cost you more than $100CA for the both of them, so when you stack it up against the cost of a whole new PS3...

I'm just not sure if there's any kind of region locking on the PS3 as far as games go. I'm not sure if PAL games are only different in the language localizations or if the graphics are formatted differently for the PAL resolution over NTSC. That is something you'd want to look into as well, because if there is more than just a language localization difference, you'll have to import PAL games most likely.

Somehow I don't think this is the case, since the move to HDTV has resulted in some standard resolutions no matter where you go. So, I would think all PS3 and even Xbox 360 game graphics are done in a scalable graphics format instead of being designed with a specific resolution in mind. That would be the easiest way to support different resolutions like 720p and 1080i, not to mention economize disc space.

Honestly though, I think you'd have better luck on the Sony PlayStation forums. While you're over there, check the PlayStation website to see if there's a FAQ or something that might address this question.

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PS3 games titles - region free
Oct 27, 2008 4:43AM PDT

Thanks Jimmy, it does make sense to get a power adapter as well as the video adapter as opposed to purchasing a new PS3. However, what had me thinking was whether the PS3 itself would support power in the range of 110V to 240V since the spec mentioned on my PS3 says 220-240V. And yes, you're right that using a HDTV would rid off the PAL / NTSC issue, since the HDMI port doest bother about that.

One info I do have, is that PS3 blu-ray game titles are region free. i.e. we can purchase PS3 games from anywhere in the world and it would work on either of the PS3s - PAL / NTSC.

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Ps3 Power Problems
Oct 13, 2011 8:41AM PDT

Hey brother i just moved from pakistan to canada and me also have a same ps3 as you have and on back there is 220-240 volt mentioned but today i put my ps3 in to 110 volt without any converter and its working but as my ps3 is pal and the tv is here is ntsc so i think i have to buy ntsc to pal converter

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Oct 21, 2011 2:59PM PDT

hi dear,
i just moved from pakistan to canada and i have a same ps3 as you have and same lable on its back mentioned 220-240 volts.on the cnet i have read that all the new ps3's have a universal voltage so after this i put my ps3 in socket and guess what?yahooooooooooooo its start working,and turned it for 3 hours and there is no dont worry my friend just take it easy.

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Is your PSP 3 working
Dec 24, 2011 3:41PM PST

Now we are moving to Pakistan. I bought psp3 250GB from Canada. Is your playstation is working properly.
I will move soon and I have to decide sale or not sale my son wants there.
Please write me about your experience.
He has also wii and so many games
I dont'n know what to do.

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