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Can I recover my photos?

I plunged my SD card into my computer to transfer the pictures to my hard drive. Firstly, it came up all right and I also could see the pictures. But all of the sudden, an error came up and a message popped out and said the drive was unreadable, and asked me whether I need to format it right now. It seemed to get the SD card work again only by formatting it. But I have saved a great number of pictures on it, how could I just format it? Is there any way to get to them all back before the format?
Any idea could be appreciated! Please help!!!!

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Re: photo recovery

I'd try a recovery program like Recuva (free download). If that doesn't work, google PHOTO RECOVERY and pick your choice of free and paid tools. Be sure not to pay before you know the program indeed finds your pictures.


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Download Recuva
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You think i could get back my photos by applying some recovery program, like Recuva.But i am not very familiar about these recovery program, especially Recuva. Moreover , it is freeware. The old saying always says:"No pains,no gain."so i am really doubtful about it, could you just tell me much more about it? or could you furtherly describe your situation to me?

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Nod to Recuva.
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i am sorry . you may misunderstan my words.

i am sorry , you may misunderstand my words. i merely want know much more information about Recuva, not to want a paid programs.usually , when encountering two things , one need to pay, the other do not need to pay, we definitely would choose free one. so ......
OK! in a one word , i will use Recuva to take a chance!

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i have recovered my data.

i have tried Recuva, it is absolutely awesome. even though the scanning had take sometime, i have get back all data now. and my SD card now also could work well again after format. it is really very easy and simple to go. i only click my mouse several times, and the following things are just processed by Recuva. thank you for all your advice and concerning.
is there any other freeware to recover our data such as photos, videos and files? i will save them for the future using.

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In the CNET Storage forum, more titles.

Before I share the link, the titles range from free, free to try, payware and then recovery houses.

And again, before I share the link, we must NEVER install such to a drive we are attempting recovery from. In fact, any drive/device we are hoping to recover content from must NEVER be written to. We scape out our content before we write to it again.

With that out of the way, the CNET Storage forum "Lost and Found" sticky link follows.

Lots of good advice there, not all from me!

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OK ! i will write it down on my note book. thank you!
Is there any other one?

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how about iCare Data Recovery Free
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Wish I have better words for that title. SPAMMER.

We have a SPAMMER in the forums that spammed that title. Moderators do not appreciate such and it can lead to mods writing avoid that title.

-> And that's what I'm going to write. Don't even consider it.

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Happy for now, but ...

To keep it that way, stop "plunging". Apply whatever your camera comes with - cable, cradle, etc., for transfers of photos. Just do not use the SD card naked, and you will be much more likely not to need Recuva again.
You should also replace the card as soon as it starts showing any corrupt files to make sure your precious pictures will be there, indeed.

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Can I recover my photos

<span class="GingerNoCheckStart">Hi,

Yes you can recover your photo from your SD memory card by using any good recovery software. Cnet also provide some of the best recovery software


Nathan<span class="GingerNoCheckEnd">

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Maybe the photos are OK.

I have had this problem also. Its not the chip which has been damaged. Its the software in your PC which is not able to read the card. If you put the chip back in your camera it shows the pictures are OK. You can simply use the USB cord to download to your PC and save the pictures. I don't use the PC to format my picture card, only the camera.
If you do use the PC, just make sure you can still access it from your camera.
I have also used a program called "Card Recovery". Thanks for the info re Recuva.

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Maybe it's not your SD card. Maybe it's that your OS hiccuped and forgot how to read it. Plug your SD card into your computer. Then find Device Manage within your version of Windows. For instance, in XP right click My Computer on your desk top, select Properties, the Hardware tab and then click on the Device Manager Button. Look in the list for your SD Card (could be under 'Disk Drives') and if it has yellow question marks right click a question mark, read what is said and then if needed click the Troubleshoot button for more info. You may also need to update the drivers for the device by clicking on the Driver tab while there.

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