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Can I play games in 1080p with this triple screen setup.

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Reporting: Can I play games in 1080p with this triple screen setup.
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Re: calculate

That depends on the game. So it can't be calculated, but only benchmarked. So just do it and see the result. I don't think the monitor makes a difference, so just using 3 of your current monitors would suffice.

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PS. I'm changing my answer to no. Why?

That display can go to 144Hz so that's an even higher amount of work for the GPU. So my answer is no for many games.

My answer is such because I know gamers that dis a system when the FPS drops to under 60.

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I won't let it go on fully 144hz

The 144hz is because of futureproof, I think I let it run on 120hz and maybe later when I buy an other 1080 TI I switch to the fully 144hz. So my question should be:

Can I run games on 120hz on a triple monitor setup above 60fps.

Ps the games I am going to run are:

Gr wildlands
Far cry 4 and later on 5
Gta v
Call of duty
Tittanfall II
And of course many more Happy

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1080 @ 60 Hz is, on almost any game today on ultra settings on a 1080 display is there.

Now we know UHD is just like 4 1080 displays and the 1080 GPU can struggle.

Now you take a 1080 up to 120 and the 1080 has to deliver twice the frames as 60Hz so then you pop 3 of those and you are beyond UHD.

So no, I don't think this will be what a gamer demands. Might require a pair of 1080 GPUs.

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Thank for your comment

Thank you so much, (and al the others ofcourse who have answered my questions)

I think I am going to plan to game on one screen and have the other just there or set all the displays on 60hz.

Later on I going to buy another 1080 TI and play all the games on the setting I want.

Any tips further?

Ps; Motherboard is going to be a MSI z270 m7

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As noted.

All this depends on the game in question and settings.

The 1080 GPU and cards are great things but when you move to UHD 4K it's quite the load and moving up the Hz and FPS to match can be too much and gamers can complain.

I think your expectations are now realistic and you know about where the limits are so the next step is to try it all out.

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Start with a single monitor @ 120HZ.
Run your games and see what kind of fps you get.

Now connect a second monitor and run the games.
See what kind of fps you get.

Now connect a third monitor and repeat the test.

If it drops below the fps you want drop the monitors back to 60HZ and test.
You'll soon figure out what you can do with a single gpu.

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Tough call.

I have to agree that some games may be OK and others won't. We know that even the 1080 can struggle with 4K gaming which is easy to see that the UHD 4K is about 4X the pixels of the 1080 display so while you are driving 3 displays, that's quite the load.

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