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Can I get data from old HD partitions, after reinstalling XP

Jul 12, 2007 12:24AM PDT

I had only one windows .bkf backup and when my XP become unbelievably slow, I reformated the disk and reinstalled XP. When I tried to restore files from bkf, it shows no backup identification label and I am unable to get any files though the .bkf file is 18 GB in size. I tried with some bkf recovery programs and the results were similar.

Is it possible to recover my old files from the harddisk old partition? previously there was only one partition and now I made them into two.. Also I have reinstalled some software as well. I tried with some file/data recovery software, but they only show me the new partition info and files in it.

Any help will be appreciated..Since that bkup had almost all I did in last two years..BTW, I am not keen on sending to some harddisk recovery services and cannot spend a lot of money for it..



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Reporting: Can I get data from old HD partitions, after reinstalling XP
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So do you have WindowsXP Backup Utility Backup installed?
Jul 12, 2007 12:27AM PDT

If not install that. It's not installed by default.


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windows backup
Jul 12, 2007 12:54AM PDT

I used All programs-accessories-system tools- backup which also contains restore..
Looks like this is legacy tool from NT days and is known for problems

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And are all the Windows Updates in?
Jul 12, 2007 1:00AM PDT

So far I can't tell what's different from the old install to the new install. You didn't answer my question directly but it appears you did install XP Backup.

Telling us why you had to reinstall the OS may yield a clue. Some find trojans on the machine and those do untold damage. Including backup files.

-> Let's skip forward to what backup is. It's copies of files in some form you can retrieve and these copies are not stored on the machine since the entire effort is how to recover from a disaster such as hard disk loss and so on. Many are calling some methods "backup" but fail the common definitions of what we defined backup as for many years.


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Oops. Forgot a common gaffe.
Jul 12, 2007 1:02AM PDT

Type XP TAKE OWNERSHIP into Take ownership of those .BKF files.


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Assuming that you have the *.BKF file ...
Jul 14, 2007 6:13AM PDT

available and that you have installed NTBackup with which to restore it you should be getting some error message if the restore process isn't working. ARE YOU, and if so what are the messages?

Assuming the message isn't about ownership (which is easy to fix as Bob noted) it may indicate other problems.

Did you take the time to verify the backup when you made it?

Which type of backup did you make, Normal, Differential, Incremental, Copy, or Daily?

Something else to consider because it is potentially the culprit is that you originally noted "previously there was only one partition and now I made them into two.. " but Restore will want to return your data to the location it occupied during the original backup. For example, if you backed up data from D:\ and no longer have a drive D:\ when you want to restore, the process will fail.

You might also try the Advanced option on the restore. Start Backup and in the initial window opt for the Advanced rather than the Wizard. Now choose the Restore and Manage Media tab, select the backup you have then click the Tools menu and select the "Catalog a Backup File". Then after cataloging completes go ahead and again attempt to select the file you want restored (be sure you check the box) and restore it.

If that fails, you might consider:

Since you appear to not be familiar with NTBackup you might want to review this link which can offer many pointers while you make some TEST backups to file, verifications, and restores of the test backups.
MCSE/MCSA Managing and Maintaining a Windows Server 2003

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Jul 14, 2007 4:52AM PDT

I myself am a bit confused. How did you manage to not lose the backup file when you formatted the hard drive if, as you say, you only had one partition? I'm assuming what you mean is that you only had a C-drive? Or do you mean you had one partition that created a drive partition other than C?

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Jul 14, 2007 6:26AM PDT


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Some clarifications
Jul 15, 2007 7:57PM PDT

1. I made backup of only 'My Documents' & settings.
2. This was in Normal mode if my memory serves right.
3. The backup was directly made in the server-not in any local partition
4. Unfortunately I did not verify the backup when I made it..
5. I had only C: before ( one logical partition) and now I have both C and D logical drives..So, non existence of C Drive is not the problem
6. I have ownership of the backup file
7. I have NT backup and when I catlog, the error I receive is The selected backup file not found or is corrupted.
8. I have already tried with some of the Bkfrepair tools -including the one mentioned by Edward- and they did not show any directory structure or files after searching for some time..
9. I had tried with two different backups from our server-one made in May and another in March- both both had similar problems.

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One last idea.
Jul 15, 2007 8:10PM PDT

Use another machine to restore from. Your PC might have an issue we can't see yet.


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