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Can I burn music onto a DVD-R

by alsaxon / June 2, 2006 4:12 PM PDT


I am burning music for a company picnic and I need about 6 hours worth of music. I don't want to have to keep switching out 80 minute cd's, so I wanted to put the music on a disc with more capacity. Can audio be burned onto a dvd-r and will it play in a regular stereo after burning. I am assuming that if the answer is yes, the dvd-R will hold about 120 minutes of music.

I would appreciate your help. Thanks!

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by R. Proffitt Forum moderator / June 3, 2006 12:14 AM PDT

I have yet to see many "regular stereo" that can read DVD media.


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Thanks, so...
by alsaxon / June 3, 2006 5:58 AM PDT
In reply to: Unlikely.

It looks like I have no choice but to burn to several cd's right?

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Or iPod it.
by R. Proffitt Forum moderator / June 3, 2006 7:03 AM PDT
In reply to: Thanks, so...

I have a rf transmitter for my Palm T|X and it plays MP3s. It's at it's outer limits for 6 hours of playtime but I know I can get 6 hours on the 4 GB memory card. An iPod on a boombox would be super.


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Recording music to DVD-R
by yeeman / June 8, 2006 7:58 PM PDT
In reply to: Thanks, so...

I do this all the time with my Panasonic DVD recorder with the hard drive. Of course, I have to record all the music in REAL time thru the RCA cables, then the unit will automatically compress & burn the audio onto the disc. The new models will record onto all formats.You should have no problem recording 6 hours this way.

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120 minutes is not that long.
by Art / June 4, 2006 1:27 AM PDT

3 cds; Have you try doing it with mp3? You should be able to put many hours of music into a mp3 cd and I think there are lots of player that will play mp3.

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I don't have a mp3 cd, but what about...
by alsaxon / June 4, 2006 4:25 AM PDT

some converting software. I saw a free trial for acoustica mp3 software. It claims to be able to burn 200+ songs on a standard cd-r. Has anyone heard of this?

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Obviously you will be using a dvd player for the dvd-r disc.
by Art / June 5, 2006 4:12 PM PDT

Is it capable of playing mp3? and is your burning software have mp3 burning to dvd capability? What do you use? I am not familiar with acoustica but there a few programs which can do that. So go ahead and give it a try.

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Yes, my stereo plays mp3
by alsaxon / June 6, 2006 12:31 AM PDT

I just burned some mp3 formated music to cd-r and attempted to play in my stereo and it worked. So now I will try to see if acoustica really does what it says when it claims to fit 200 songs on a cd-r.

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Yes my stereo plays mp3s
by rochagomes / June 8, 2006 10:40 PM PDT

Almost all the full versiosn of the latest burning software, will burn MPS. If you have Roxio, NERO,etc that are just 3 years old or newer will have that capability. Otherwise I have also seen SW for just MP3s in Staples/Officemax for $20.

And that easiest solution but not 100% agreeable to you would be to just make a MIX CD and use repeat play. If the picnic has athletic becomes background noise anyway.

Almost most NEW car stereos play MP3s.

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Was it recorded as CD-Audio?
by albizzia / June 9, 2006 5:25 PM PDT

If you recorded MP3 files as "CD-Audio", the recording program would have de-compressed and converted the MP3s to standard audio files. That would play back in any CD player, but would have the same 74 to 80 minute limitation as regular CDs.

Recording MP3 files as "MP3 CD" or "Data CD" disks leaves the files compressed, allowing several hours of music to be stored on one disc. However, only some newer CD players that can read MP3s can play them. Since the ability to read MP3s is a great gimmick, CD players that support MP3 usually put a label bragging about it on the front.

DVD discs have much narrower tracks to pack more information on the disks, approx. 7 times more than a CD. The result is DVD players can easily read CDs, but a CD player cannot read DVDs.

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200 songs to a cd
by pman062487 / February 17, 2008 2:18 PM PST

Actually Yes..Sony has had this technology out for queit some time. I had a program that rips and compresses the music and and regular 80 minute CD would hold over 200 songs...obviously depending on the size of each song.. I think the name on the cd player was a sony A-trac3 which is kinda funny.

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80 minute CD-R
by plumb_cool / September 21, 2009 12:06 AM PDT

I have no idea how this happened,I was burning a disc of Gospel Music and I had a few problems with the play list and I was about to give up but before I did I hit the burn button and away things went,when it was all over I had 160 full length songs on a 80 minute CD-R disc.I hope I can make it do this again.

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AudioGrabber, it's free!
by Brianstech / June 8, 2006 11:23 PM PDT

I used to fit 12-15 Cds on one disc through MP3 conversion at 192kbs. AudioGrabber is the best I've used, especially because it's free. It also gets all the CD information from the internet.

I now burn hundreds to DVD which plays in most newer units. Just pick a song or album with the remote.
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Good Info
by alsaxon / June 8, 2006 11:31 PM PDT

Thanks. I used roxio which burned about 200 songs to cd-r in mp3 format, but it would not play in my radio. It's new but does not play mp3's. I am really mad, it's 2006, you'd think all stereo's would support it.

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Playback Problems with MP3
by hogan / June 9, 2006 2:58 AM PDT
In reply to: Good Info

CD players only playback audio CDs, unless it's a really new one - I haven't seen anything that does digital radio and MP3 at a sensible price.

Anyway, put the MP3 onto a flash (I-Pod or stick), then plug the earpiece into the microphone socket of your CD player using a normal audio socket to socket, switch the player to AUX. You get the playback time of the battery, so use a decent one and the audio output of a larger audio unit.

Playback time depends on the compression used but you should be able to go down to 48 bit, which is still better sampling than human hearing - have a look for a cnet course on making your own CDs, or look at the Analog Deviced DSP website for full technical stuff.

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Of course you can, you can even add video

You can do it!

Any half decent DVD editing software can add a soundtrack to a video. Some would allow no video (mixed down to black), others require some video or at least an image. Play around with video editing tools, just be aware that the sampling rate of DVD audio is different from CD (48000 Hz vs 44100 hz - Someone correct me if I'm wrong please). Lastly you have more choices in audio encoding.

I use Magix Movie Edit Pro 11. Its software that people both love and hate. For example its the most feature loaded video editing software for under $100, but making a 1 hour custom DVD could take as long as 20 hours!.

Even though magix also has other sound and music editing tools (thats their strength), I actually use Movie Edit for sound editing (I'm frugal). For one You can do 5.1 positional sound, you can even use the object curve tool to create sound vectors. You can also use VST plugins to edit your sound and add effect. And finally you can write it to DVD (you'll just have to be patient)


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Of course it would help if I read your whole posting

Sorry only read the caption. I should have read the whole email.

Short answer.
Rip music to files,
Use Laptop/PC to play through soundsystem

But why use DVD? Use an MP3 player

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Sure you can...
by DJPython / June 9, 2006 7:40 AM PDT

You CAN burn CD audio to a DVD, but it won't play in any stereo (only a computer). That 120 minutes is for video. You can put about 7.5 hours of CD Audio .WAV files on a DVD. [Theoretically 9 hours (537 minutes), but it doesn't work out that way.] It will not play on any CD player, though, and probably not on any DVD player, but it will play on a computer. (Possible idea - Laptop to line-in of portable stereo???)

Best bet - buy an MP3 compatible boom box. I believe you can put 9 hours of MP3s on one CD-R at 128kbps compression rate. Hint: burn an MP3 CD-R then bring it to the store to try out on the demo models before choosing one. They don't all work the same.

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Thanks DJ Python
by alsaxon / June 9, 2006 12:47 PM PDT
In reply to: Sure you can...

That is good info and a very good idea. I learn a lot on this forum and I appreciate everyone's input.

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MP3 CD-disk
by Ginet / June 9, 2006 10:53 PM PDT
In reply to: Sure you can...

I bought a Sony CD player in December, model ZS-XN30. It plays MP3 disk. It works on batteries also and the sound is good. With Nero burner I can make an MP3 CD that can contain 215 or more songs. It's great. At the time, the price was $135.
You can put more songs on a CD if you use the Atrac3plus software (Sony's software). It comes with the CD player.
MP3 players are great, however 1GB will contain about 150 MP3 songs or so...
Good luck,

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music on DVD
by Atarah / June 9, 2006 5:17 PM PDT

I have successfully burnt a large number of MP3 music files on to a DVD-R for use on my laptop. I can now play music while I am at work using Windows Media player. The only requirement is that I haveto insert the DVD into the DVD drive whenever I want to play music from the DVD. I have done this so that my limited hard drive on my laptop does not get clogged up with music.

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Burning in General
by df1202 / June 9, 2006 11:59 PM PDT

Be it music, pictures, or Videos, what discs should I use for different applications. I'm using Nero software, and really need help.
Dan Studzinski

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dvds have 120min of video, not music
by PC_Nerd-Henry_Chan / June 12, 2006 1:42 AM PDT

dvds have about 4 hours of music or 120 min of video, not 120 min of music

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New Software That Actually Burns Audio To DVDs
by vorbii / December 12, 2007 1:19 AM PST

Actually, there are new software out there that burn audio to DVDs. I reckon that one site said up to 50 hours of music can be burned on to a DVD. I bought Roxio's Easy Media Creator 10 and it works wonderfully with making Audio DVDs. This is an actual Audio DVD, not a data DVD. So you can play this on a regular DVD player and have hours upon hours of music.

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50 hours music on a dvd...
by ahtoi / December 12, 2007 1:46 AM PST

NOT audio DVD.

The only problem I have with these audio dvd programs is that they are overprice ($40???). To tell you the truth, mp3 are getting to be so good I almost can't tell the difference, or is that the problem of my ears? hehe.

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Audio = Music
by vorbii / December 12, 2007 3:09 AM PST

Audio = Music. What I mean by audio is that you can burn music. It would play like a cd would in a cd player.

I've done it, works on my dvd player, works on my computer. Unless I did some magic, it works. It gives you a menu to select which songs you would like to play.

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Couldn't Find Anything Before This
by vorbii / December 12, 2007 3:26 AM PST

Mind you, it took me a while to find a software that actually did burn music dvd's and have them work AS MUSIC DVDs when inserted into a regulard DVD player. Other software that I tried either didn't work or were VERY slow at burning. Although Roxio Easy Media Creator is $80 it was well worth it. I was tired of carrying around dozens of cd's, and now i carry around ONE dvd. Easy Media Creator doesn't just do music dvd's either. It does more like backups, cd's, and other stuff I haven't explored yet.

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MP3 CD on itunes
by Sirwarrington / April 1, 2008 6:02 AM PDT

I was able to use iTunes and make a 10 hour long CD-R disc. It has 135 songs on it. It is pretty easy actually. First all you have to do is make sure the songs you want to burn are in mp3 format. Then go to preferences and find the "burning" tab and check the mp3 CD button instead of audio cd or Data cd/dvd. The just make sure the CD is under the 700/800 MB limit and you're good to go. And it only takes a few minutes. And the CD plays in my car stereo which is a few years old.

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can I burn my downloaded music (MP3 or wma) into a DVD-R
by sultana2012 / July 11, 2009 6:45 AM PDT

I thought I had burned music into a DVD-R but when I tried to rip to check the music it would not let me see anything, it looked like I had not burned anything, even though it went through the burning process with windows media and looked like it had burned the music, what happened?

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by R. Proffitt Forum moderator / July 11, 2009 6:48 AM PDT

Since it is almost assured you did not create an AudioDVD (?!) then ripping is going to fail. Look at the DVD with explorer and see if your files are there.

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