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Can a motherboard fail due too...

Can a motherboard fail due to a bad virus/ Trojan/ worm on a HDD? I have my friends home built computer and well it was working, but not now something is not right. I am leery of the components, I do know it has an:

ECS 760GX-M HT1600 mb
AMD Athlon 64 3400+ processor
Seagate Barracuda 7200rpm 500gb HDD
ASUS N7600GS SILENT/HTD/256M GeForce 7600GS 256MB 128-bit GDDR2 AGP 4X/8X Video Card
Unknown size to PSU

It was built for my friend by someone else with her previous HDD to fill in for a tower that she had lost the MB to, according to a tech she took it to. And now this tower is doing the same thing the other tower had done. It was working when I got to her house all up and running just needed what I was told a driver for the ethernet. I downloaded one straight from realtek web site on to a CD-r and put it in restarted computer and well it happened.
Getting to the point you can hear the hard drive running and see all fans including PSU but now video. When u touch a button on 3 different working monitors its power saver mode hit any key or mouse button to get working. Well nothing happens. I noticed this tower has no battery in it if this might have anything to do the problem or not? Or if its her HDD with a bad bug I have no clue?
I have changed cords, monitors, surge protectors and anything on the outside, clean the inside of tower up like crazy trying to get some kind of change but still natta?

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Reporting: Can a motherboard fail due too...
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Small world.
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Going to put one in thank you for this answer.

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Scan, test or check

The only known virus that attack the mtrbd. are "bios" based and that is very rare.

While more than likely the HD has been compromised, using some AV scanning can offer some testing to check it. Don't fall for the virus failure, it usually doesn't hurt physically though data can be compromised or lessen or simply best to format and restart again. So, if you plan to save data, be 100% sure you're NOT saving some malware as well, or virus is some form. HDs do fail on their own so let the HD own diags provide some help. Get the diags from the HD maker's support website and run "non-detsructive" test in order to help eliminate that. Running other AV pgms. or scans should help also. However, if there is atrue h/w fault, let's hope it becomes apparent and not do other testing that leads to wrong conclusions. I leave it that you can decide what's what, so it it's on your skills it all relies on. good luck

tada -----Willy Happy

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ok thank you for the input

ok thank you for the input on the hdd but it doesn't answer why I can not get the PC to come up at all no posts even show just a black screen but you can hear and see all things running but have no clue how to check mobo if nothing is accessible.

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I test elsewhere

To help locate or eliminate some items/devices, I test on another PC. While that may not be possible for you, this saves me time and effort. You say, its doing some things but not others. If the bios was really at fault or simply hung-up during some level of boot-up, you basically have to test elsewhere. I tend to remove all drives(disconnect), make the system as basic as possible and then try to boot, at least the bios screen or initial screen should appear. Let's hope the bios battery(CMOS) isn't weak or dead. If not, then the mtrbd. or lower level items come into effect to include memory, any cards or on-board items. Don't take anything for granted. I also use a bootable "live" Ubuntu CD disc(CD connected properly) to help resolve some issues as well, if it boots and displays, etc., you get another view of the problem. If again, it doesn't display maybe the video is kaput or hosed, etc., but that's part of the T/S'ing routine. Look at all and don't take anything for granted. Last, sometimes the PSU is weak or bad. Just because it seems to be running, that suggests only the 12V is present, fans, drives run on 12V but the 5V logic is bad or weak, showing similar results.

Again for the HD itself, some problems cross over to the new PC. Why? because old parts are part of the new build. It may not say its bad, but marginal items/devices wreak havoc on the new system. usually, the old cure is to build with all new and chuck the old. If the HD seems to be a key items swapped from PC to PC, then it becomes suspect, leave it out as real world test.

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Apreciated Alot

I will run this tests bad thing is I have only PC of my own and if it craps mine I out a computer to but in so many ways it will be worth it(long story there). Thank you very much will stay in touch to let you all know how this works out.

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Thank you for your help

I did test the pc by taking all the drives and put in a battery and wal-lah I got a post and request to have a boot disk. I found that the HDD was the trouble not sure if had been comprised or just fried by a surge. The person who owns this computer lives in an area where there are a lit of surges and so do I. We had one a few months age and well I assume just fried her first computer that had this HDD in it and the person who put this one together did not see that the main issue was her HDD a technician told her it was HER mobo instead I am no tech but from the advice given here is this forum helped me discover the truth at no cost but my own time and patience. THANK YOU ALL for all your help. Happy

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Thanks for the update.

Nice to read when ideas from the forums help out.

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