is able to shoot at least 1080i. While there are many such cameras around, the two I know something about are the Canon HV 20 (about $1,000) and the Canon XH-A1 (about $3,500). While the HV 20 draws much favorable comment, your objective points strongly to the XH-A1. While I could look up numbers for you, you can see them for yourself at the B&H Photo and Video web site. Just find the camera via search, click on the description to get detail, and click on the specifications tab.

If you are not already aware of what is needed to produce commercial quality DVDs, you can start thinking about things like high quality lighting and sound, and a very good lense attached to a very good camera. The XH-A1, or its more expensive sibling the XL-H1, are probably good enough to shoot some of the video on a DVD, but even more expensive cameras do most of the work at the commercial level. It's a substantial investment in time, and equipment to reach that level.