many of the folks who frequent this forum are willing to help.

1) Firewire, i.LINK, DV and IEEE1394 are pretty much all the same thing. i.LINK is a 4-pin IEEE1394 compliant connection. Firewire is what Apple calls it. IEEE1394 is what the standards body assigned it. DV = digital video format with a 25 mbps data stream.

2) In the consumer area, internal hard disc drive and flash memory camcorders have only USB. DVD based camcorders also have USB, but have a host of other issues and - in my opinion - no one should ever waste their money on them. I am not aware of any DVD based camcorders that have a firewire port. Hard disc drive camcorders have a different set of issues, but using the same files as flash memory camcorders, can be useful under certain recording conditions. MiniDV tape based camcorders use Firewire/i.LINK/DV/IEEE1394 to get video to a computer (and computer to camcorder).

3) What is your budget? To the best of my knowledge, the only camcorders that meet all your requirements (Firewire + non-digital tape) are the Panasonic AG-HVX200, Sony PMWEX3 and Sony PMWEX1 HDCAM pro-grade systems. Another option is to understand what your budget is, see what MiniDV tape based camcorders fit that budget and check if the external memory storage units from Focus Enhancements or Sony will work with them.