1. Upgrade to the Harmony 890. that will do RF and will be able to control your current receiver.

2.get a newer receiver. when you say reasonable, what does that man in dollars?

you will have peole posting g wth Sony;s ---- or a whatever. Pick a price point first. Otherwise there will always be one better for a little more. When it comes to choosing I recommend Denon. Dolalr for dollar the est quality sound you are going to find.

Read the tech specs between compaies. for example:

Sony: .7%THD at 1kHz that is a distortion rating at a specific sound which means we have to almost double it for the entire sound range. This leaves the Sony with a distortion level of around 1.2-1.4%.

Denon: .08% THD 20-20kHz. At worst the Denon models are almost 1/18 of the distortion in the Sony!!!!

This is only one reason why Denon offers the best dollar for dollar performance out there. Pick a price, then buy the Denon that fits that need.