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CAIR condemns '24'?but it won?t condemn Islamic terrorists

What has Fox?s hit TV show ?24? done to prompt TV Guide to report ?24 in Hot Water? and Entertainment Weekly to ask, ?Has ?24? Gone Too Far???

Its bad guys are terrorists who are? Muslims. That?s it.

Few of us need reminding that we are not simply waging a war against terror, but against the radical Islam that animates the enemy. The enemy is not coincidentally Muslim, but they are the enemy because their radicalized version of Islam tells them to be. ?24,? so far at least, understands that.

What makes ?24? this season so special, though, is that it?s the first entertainment production in the post-9/11 era to accurately portray the enemy. The Monday night hit features the Araz family, Turkish Muslim immigrants who live in suburbia?and are a sleeper cell for an unnamed terrorist outfit.

this says alot dont you think?

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Reporting: CAIR condemns '24'?but it won?t condemn Islamic terrorists
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(NT) (NT) Don't watch
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why i like it

it shows how far the muslems want to control us

why should the tv channle have to kiss the buts of the muslums.

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I guess

that's what people want to see.

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In the first and third seasons the terrorists weren't Muslim

And in EVERY season they've had some help from treasonous Americans, including the President's wife (she was one of the best TV villains in years, and was killed last season).

I started watching it because I liked the premise, and got hooked immediately. Even as the show became more and more ridiculous (what will Jack do next?), that just made it even more fun. Just this season (which means within the space of a couple of hours in his day), he's single-handedly rescued the Secretary of Defense from a terrorist hideout where he was seconds from being executed on a live web broadcast, staged a convenience store robbery in order to stall another terrorist who was inside the store, taken down an American who was helping the baddies, and shot a suspect in the leg to get him to talk. And it's not even sundown yet.

What I really want to know is where the people on this show get their cell phones. They NEVER need charging!

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(NT) (NT) there atomic powered:)
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This is so ridiculous ...

... CAIR was probably happy to have neo-nazis written into the movie script instead of Islamofascist terrorists in "The Sum of all Fears". CAIR ought to open its eyes and realize they can't ignore the facts that most of the terrorists have been extremist Muslims.

Evie Happy

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well we wouldnt want to insult the

"peacefull" muslums you know they just want to kill
a non beleaver ooopd i mite have insulted the dustersGrin

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Actually as I recall, originally it was
In the book

Once again, Tom Clancy manages to add new twists to the alternate U.S. history he initiated in The Hunt for Red October. In The Sum of All Fears, the center of conflict is the perpetual hot spot the Mideast, where a nuclear weapon falls into the hands of terrorists just as peace seems possible. Clancy realistically paints an almost unthinkable scenario--the bomb is planted on American soil in the midst of an escalation in tension with the Soviet Union; the terrorists hope to rekindle cold war animosity and prevent reconciliation between Israelis and Palestinians.

After 9/11, any use of Palestine, Muslim, or Islamic terrorists groups was considered too sensitive, both to the public and to Muslims who weren't supporting terrorist because of the high emotion, so it was changed.



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well the funny thing is the last attack was from muslums

they sure fooled us saying there religion is peacefull

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All relgions have extremists, and at sometime murderers

Historically speaking, I doubt if there is a religion that lasted even a couple of decades without having someone in their belief or twisted interpretation decide they were suppose to kill someone.

Some kill others for unbelief, or different beliefs. Others kill because they think they're the hand of their "god's" justice etc.

I'll plead guilty to being leery of Muslim countries, even individuals right now. Mostly so because so many condemn the USA in general, even the organizations not publically proclaiming us Satan and calling for a jihad to eliminate us generally denouce us as wanton etc. Interesting enough, most of the European (older societies?) denonce us as prudish.

Since just about half the world figures us wanton/immoral and the other half prudish/provendential about things in general, I don't figure we're in too bad a spot really.



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CAIR is not a small cheezy organization and has a lot to offer as far as knowledge information on activism, political, social Islam and has helped many Muslims from across Northern America facing injustice.

Unfortunately, the Foxy's has to find something controversial and provocative to report in order to serve the selective group of audience who thrives on negativism in return help build an idea of "hate". It works, I must say. In addition, Sigmund Freud quoted, "What a distressing contrast there is between the radiant intelligence of the child and the feeble mentality of the average adult". Devil

Readers are plentiful; thinkers are rare.
Harriet Martineau (1802 - 1876)
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and the mulums have shown

how peacefull they are.
and when they stop supporting the extreemests then maybe they will have peace.

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...supports extremist.
Lack of brains supports the brainless.

An intelligent quote by Barbara Bush. "Bias has to be taught. If you hear your parents downgrading women or people of different backgrounds, why, you are going to do that." -- that says a lot for Foxy eh!

Intelligent conversations are rare in these days Sad!

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and when i see non muslems crashing planes

into buildings we will see eh but thats ok as the muslum comunity hasnt said a word against that.
so go ahead and be the norm

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Do Ryder trucks count?

Tim McVeigh and Terry Nichols weren't/aren't Muslims.

I agree that the international Muslim world has not come out strongly enough to condemn terrorism and try to really do something about it. However I disagree that Muslims have been universally silent on the matter. It's just not true. Many, many Muslims have made it very clear that terrorist activities are not in accordance with Islam.

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Unfortunately ...

... those many aren't as vocal. And then we have vocal groups like CAIR that refuse to condemn all terrorist attacks, and members of the EU that cannot class Hezbollah as a terrorist organization.

Evie Happy

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(NT) (NT) oh thats why they were danceing in the streets
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Ibrahim Hooper does enough on his own to create negativity where Islam and CAIR are concerned.

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To quibble
...... Foxy's has to find something controversial and provocative to report in order to serve the selective group of audience who thrives on negativism in return help build an idea of "hate".

Note this is a thriller/drama/action entertainment show, not proportedly a news show.

Now I mentioned that the movie Sum of All Fears changed from a center of conflict is the perpetual hot spot the Mideast, where a nuclear weapon falls into the hands of terrorists and is used to prevent peace between Israel and Palestines as well as esculate tension between the US and USSR. Immediately after 9/11, it was probably wise not to feed anti-Mulsim feelings (as much based on fear as anger I think).

However, is it still wrong to have a bad guy on a tv show who is Mulsim? vs any other radical group?

The article that claimed it was a a great understanding of the enemy by the show wasn't Fox News or anything like that.

Now people will claim I'm sure that it's propaganda disguised as entertainment. So? How much preaching left or right rethoric is contained in other so called entertainment? Are there any entertainment shows that don't have some agenda within them to some degree some time?

Now if you accept the Townhall article analysis of the intent (and success) of Fox using the show to portray the enemy, please keep in mind these lines from the article-----

...waging a war against terror, but against the radical Islam that animates the enemy.

... is that it?s the first entertainment production in the post-9/11 era to accurately portray the enemy.

No one, including ?24,? is claiming that all Muslims are terrorists, ...

Now some of the rest may lead many to feel it's a subtle attempt to influence Americans against Mulsims in general. However, is there anything in the article about what CAIR has refuse to do that is inaccurate that should be addressed directly?

Facts can be picked and chosen to portray things as the choser wishes. That's an unfortunate truth. But it's also a truth that often somethings are regarded as too politically incorrect to be blount about. I will concede that sometimes blountness is used to deliberately incite when it's possible to say the same thing in a more responsible matter. It's also possible to be so mealymouthed trying to avoid upsetting anyone that the message is lost.

I'm just not sure that having an Islamic terrorist group as a bad guy in a TV suspense fiction is a hate crime.



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In any case,
CAIR statments on the events of September 11

I have posted something similar of this last year. Where it went? --- Lala land. Wink

Questions needs to be understood....
What brought about such Global Terrorism?
How many are involved in the Master Minding of this existing and ongoing Violent Acts?
Who is terrorizing who?
How are insurgent terrorist made?
Why has it increased?
What has the world to say about TERRORISM?
Why has the country specifically the United States has become divided over 9-11?

Above questions has been answered by differing POV many times over. I find reliable answers are explained by Anti-War Orgainzations throughout the country and around the globe.

Anything else that is new and fresh?

dizzy over the non-stop speed of the broken LP record and merry go round.
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yup Muslims were the terrorists

that showed there true nature

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(NT) (NT) You need a new line Mark ;)
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and the muslems need to follow there so called

peacefull ways right

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