Has it ever run at the higher speed? If so, what changed since then? If not, you are probably losing signal on your cable line. This can be caused by too many devices or splits before your cable modem, or even wall outlets that are uncapped causing signal degration. If you have an octopus spliter where the connection comes into the home, go to Radio shack and get a signal booster. Each split in the line should technically be boosted, but one placed at a strategic location might help. You will also have an indication if you see waves or signal loss in your TV picture. From there, make sure the wires are not bent too much or are crushed. If you have wall jacks that are not in use, get the caps while you are at Radio Shack or Home Depot or Lowes. A pack is $2-3. If you have splitters that are not high quality, replace them. You will notice that the signal is capped at around 900 Mhz on some splitters. The higher quality ones are in the 1000 range. If you have spliters with connections that are not in use, either cap them or change the splitter out to a high quality one with the correct number of connections. After you fiddle with all of your connections, , make sure you power down your cable modem and router to reset the connection. The modem does a line test when it starts up. Each piece of the signal band that are returned by checking everything above, will increase your speed. If none of the above works, go to Best Buy or a store with a good return policy, and try a new cable modem.