c|Net Download.com downloader gives viruses

Thanks, cnet. My fiance's computer is screwed up thanks to your installer.

Haven't you realized by now that:

MyPC Backup.exe

And all of the other crap that you're bundling with your download files are BAD for PCs? Once you get these things on a PC, they're damn near impossible to get rid of.

Now, my fiance can't shut down his computer, can't system restore, or anything. This by the way is the FIRST, literally the FIRST (as in, during all the years he's used a computer, he has NEVER had a virus, or malware, or any of that until YESTERDAY, when he downloaded Editpad from this stupid website) virus he's ever had, and he has it because he used CNET.

You people are disgusting. You're absolutely disgusting. You have this huge name, and now people are getting infected left and right. I honestly hope you all burn in hell for doing this to SO MANY PEOPLE.

I'm going to contact search engines and try to get cnet's download.com search results labeled as malicious.

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Reporting: c|Net Download.com downloader gives viruses
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It's already all over the internet

that Download.com installs a bunch of unwanted garbage bundled into the free programs they provide. You can't even opt out of getting that garbage when you uncheck the boxes asking you if you want these nasty things.They install it anyway. Now you get to install more stuff you don't want on your computer to get rid of the stuff you didn't want in the first place.C/Net's a great place but Download.com is pure trash. Don't worry though you'l get an apology from a Download.com telling you how sorry they are and were unaware of this and they'll look into it. Won't that just make things better ? Lucky there's a bunch of good people at C/Net that can help you with the removal of that crap. Best of Luck....Digger

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Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

We have created a proxy ticket for you in our support system so we can gather more details about this issue, as we definitely want to investigate this in further detail. You should receive an email from us within the next few minutes; if you wish, you can reply to that message with the additional information requested so that we can then file a bug.

Download.com Support

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So I guess that ticket was never even opened, huh?

This post date 2013 and we are about to move to 2015 and you have done absolutely nothing about it! I'm sick to my stomach to see that people trust Cnet SOOO much, they go in denial that is your installer downloading crap. It would be really nice if you do as you promise and get rid of your cnet malicious downloader.

At this point it is safe to say: CNET FANS BEWARE: do not download anything from cnet, your computer will get virus


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Yes, a ticket was opened for that issue.

All products on Download.com are downloaded, installed, and scanned for viruses and malware before being published in our library.

Many software titles on our site do use the Download.com Installer, which securely delivers software from Download.com's servers to your computer. During this process, the Download.com Installer also shows offers for additional, free applications provided by our partners. Some individual software publishers include such offers in their own installers too.

All offers, whether included in the Download.com Installer or in individual publishers' installers, must conform with our security policies prohibiting malware, and must also provide a working method to decline or opt-out of them during the download. You are never required to accept any offers in order to complete a download - but if you do accept any offers, you should always be able to uninstall them normally.

Before any offer is added to our Installer, we do test them specifically to ensure that (1) they comply with our policies prohibiting malware, (2) they may be declined or opted-out of during the download, and (3) they may be completely uninstalled without any issues. So, our main concern in paganmist's case was their description of the machine's behavior, and what exactly may have caused it; we did open a ticket in an attempt to gather more information for testing purposes.

Although you cannot avoid using a software publisher's own installer when downloading their program (and they may include their own offers), if you prefer not to use the Download.com Installer, you can simply click the Direct Download Link that is provided on all Installer Enabled product pages.

Read more about that option here:


For more detailed information on the Download.com Installer, please visit the following resource:


If you have any trouble uninstalling unwanted applications from your machine's Control Panel, we recommend using one of the programs listed in our uninstaller software category:


You will then want to remove or disable any unwanted add-ons or extensions from your browsers, and may need to reset your search and/or home pages as well.

If you need any further assistance with these steps, please see the following page for additional instructions:


If you would like to contact our support team directly, please fill out the form on the following page:


You can access this form, and our FAQ section, by clicking the "Download Help Center" link at the very bottom of any Download.com web page (in the "More" column there). From any FAQ page, just click the "Submit a Question" link in the upper right corner to go to the contact form.

Download.com Support

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It should give options in theory but it doesn't.

Thank you for your prompt reply. I have two clients who tried downloading software from you. One of them, tried installing free AVG and nowhere did the installer gave her the option to opt out of anything. However, right after her installation her browser weren't connecting to the net and it had the small icon for download.cnet. and computer got very slow. Not the first nor the last computer with similar issues right AFTER installing something from your download page...

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I'm sorry, but she's right

I didn't even see this stuff till months after the downloads were complete. Fortunately, I have malwarebytes (official, paid-for versions) on my PCs, and ClamAV on my Mac and Linux boxen.

The files had been quarantined, I never saw them, until I was running some comparative checks using ClamXAV over my network to a "downloads" folder on a Windows PC, and hit about a dozen positives for an Autorun worm.

I'm really surprised you act all these months later as if it's all news to you. I suspect there were a LOT of problems resulting from this.

Stating that "all downloads must abide by our terms of service" is all very nice, but it doesn't alter reality.

You guys were, at least at one time, a hot-bed of malware.

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if you do anything online you're going to get viruses or malware or something even if it's benign. I've only had the computer I'm currently using for 11 months now and I've had to run through the steps to clean crap off of it countless times. it's the new norm, when downloading stuff you have to do manual installs and be very selective of what exactly gets installed with the thing you wanted. I find that you have to do research on each thing that the installer tries to give you. i.e. if you don't absolutely need it, don't DL it. but ya, that sucks, a friend of mine suffered a miserable fate recently to cnet/downloads.

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Unchecky and Ninite

Really the best thing you can do is use Unchecky to make sure tick boxes are unticked and download only the core software from ninite.com

Only way to be sure.

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