I live in Sydney.
The situation in Australia, we have cable, with 2 cable providers.
And DSL with ADSL2+ that goes up to 24mbit making DSL the fastest broadband here. You can find better deals here due to more competition too.
And there are satellites.
No fibre or anything... But speeds are still good.
The problem is the cost of bandwidth. Australia is an isolated country with a small population, most traffic goes through an undersea cable to Hawaii.
It's near impossible to get unlimited internet here.
Most internet deals are something like 20GB for $60 AUD monthly (probably like $50 US)
You have to pay a lot to get near 100GB a month. After you exceed the bandwidth limit, they throttle your connection to dial up speeds. So at least you have a connection and don't pay extra.
Infrastructure in Australia is pretty good, it's the bandwidth limits that really suck.