Price always matters. That said, no one can chance unknown sellers you cannot verify. Unfortunately, C/NET shopping follows the lead of many in regards to the so called store ratings are only based on stated store policies, not customer feedback. The leading site that is based on positive customer feedback is ResellerRatings. Any such system can be atempted to be loaded by seller employees deliberate positive postings. To guard against such, check for suspicious posts like repeated nearly identical language & see how many posts each poster has contributed to the system. If nearly all are but one post, bear that in mind.

Yes, people do save over a grand, but do your homework. There are crooks out there. Even more commonly, there are bait & switch outfits that will drive you to distraction at least. Make sure yoyu can separate the wehat from the chaff. On the other hand, some of the most solid gold online sources have merely expanded beyond their well established brick & mortar roots. A short time snooping around ResellerRatings will reveal some of them. Just to name a couple -, B&HPhoto & Vanns are impeccable sources.

Happy hunting & then, enjoying...

In my book, affording any Pioneer is awesome.