Buying new parts, what is to be updated?

Hi, I've decided to for sure buy new GPU and I'd like to know if what I currently run is capable of running that GPU, for sure I know CPU is pretty decent but for the rest of the parts I cannot tell.
I experienced a lot of problems with GPU and big bottleneck in some games which really made me get a new one!
This is the information about PC:
PSU is: Cooler Master Elite Power 500W RS-500-PCAP-J3
And regarding RAM memory I use, for Dual Channel I need to get 1 more of the Stick? Since I use Single stick of 8GB HyperX Fury.
And I'd like to add that I experienced a lot of problems with my HDD after clean installing Win10 it was making some kind of click every 5-10 minutes, problem was resolved by switching SATA type from AHCI to IDE.
I can provide additional info, please look up to my problem/ question. Thanks in advance, cheers.

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Reporting: Buying new parts, what is to be updated?
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Forgot to add GPU I'd buy.
GIGABYTE nVidia GeForce GTX 1050Ti Windforce OC 4GB GDDR5 128bit - GV-N105TWF2OC-4GD

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By switching to ide you might have killed trim on your ssd.
Check that here.

Your psu seems to be a dual rail unit with 20a on a rail.
It should work with your new gpu.
If you start getting crashes or odd stuff consider going to a single rail psu.

Ram, it may not be a good idea to just get another stick.
It would be best to get a 2x?GB kit, a matched pair and remove the original stick.

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Trim is working.

Sorry but I don't know how to use CyberShadow thingie, but Trimming is done by software I use for defragging my D: drive and it didn't have any problems even Kingston SSD Toolbox says there are no failiures and that everything works perfect, SSD is 3 years old and it's on 94% Health, how do I use this CyberShadow? Since there are no apps to be run, and all the files are MD or something...
I thought of buying 2x8GB either in worst case scenario to get 2x4GB, would you suggest me PSU btw? Thanks for your help.

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Trim check
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No, no, no, I woudn't do that, for that much I know hah.
As I've said I use software that I run weekly to Trim my SSD and Defrag my HDD. Silly

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Turn that product off for a month.

Do you see any difference?

My testing of defrag showed me zip.

When I used a hdd I would use the windows defrag every 6 months or yearly just for yuks.

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I'm installing a lot of Games

I do install quite a lot of Games during week, so I guess yeah, I could postpone it for every 3 months Silly
btw I have couple of questions regarding upgrades since PSU you've sent cannot be purchased where I live (Serbia) so I gotta choose from PSU's we can get here, but I thought of getting a new case as well and CPU cooler.
So for now these are the parts I will be getting through the next 1 month:
RAM: DIMM DDR3L 2x8GB 1600MHz Kingston HyperX Fury, HX316LC10FBK2/16
CPU Cooler: Cooler Master Hyper TX3 EVO, RR-TX3E-22PK-R1
PSU: Raidmax RX-735AP
And what case would you suggest me for the parts I have in my rig? I'm really sorry to bother you but no one round here is willing to help and my knowledge is not high enough level for this x) I know how to physically put parts together but no idea how look up compatibility in depth :<
I currently use Mid Tower CM N300 / KKN1 configuration.

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Found a solid website to do a compatibility check for all my parts that I can purchase in Serbian and this would be the rig:
Seems like everything is compatible, thanks for your help Bob!

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You might want to read some reviews on that psu.
It would not be my first choice.

Give some thought to testing with the stock cooler.
You can always order another cooler later.

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What about this one?
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That's a dual rail unit.
Your right back to where you started from.

Shop for a corsair or evga unit.

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I'll try ordering as I cannot find any here around :/

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Trim is WORKING!

So I ran this software and Trim is working, gave me a message: 'CONCLUSION: Trim appears to be working.' or something like that. So it works as it should! Silly

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Just Get a Really Good Graphics Card!

Your original message is all about GPU problems and big bottleneck in some games. So, let's address that first.

The Nvidia Geforce GTX 1050Ti is clearly a step up from your existing GTX 750Ti, BUT it's not a big enough step! You need to go another step up the ladder to the Geforce GTX 1060 6GB model. This will give you top performance at your monitor's resolution of 1920x1080.

The GTX 1060 6GB costs quite a bit more than the GTX 1050Ti and for your system and your games it's worth the extra cost. On the other hand, extra RAM memory, a new cpu cooler, and a new power supply all combined will provide very little extra performance in games. I strongly suggest that you put the combined cost of those items towards the better graphics card instead.

I'm not saying that upgrading the RAM, cooler, psu, etc. isn't worth doing. I'm saying that if your main goal here is faster, smoother game play with high detail at 1080p resolution then you should buy a GTX 1060 instead of a GTX 1050Ti.

If you have enough cash to do ALL of the upgrades then go ahead, but if your budget isn't high enough then just get the best graphics card and leave the other upgrades for a later time.

One other thing I would look at is how many case fans does your PC have? If there is a fan at the front of the case and one at the rear you're probably OK. But, if the case only has a rear exhaust fan then consider adding an intake fan at the front of the case (or possibly in the side panel if there's a grille there).

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