Buying and installing Windows 7 OEM

I live overseas and I need to buy Windows 7 as soon as possible.

Windows 10 is a big mess and I have tried what feels like 400 different things to fix the limited connection problem. I'm not willing to try anything else. I like the way Windows 10 looks, but that's about it. Tons and tons of people are having this same problem. A lot of them have found solutions (all different solutions, not just one) and I've tried all of the things that worked for them. I'm tired of being frustrated and I just want Windows 7.

When I buy Windows 7 OEM, will it be difficult to install and figure out? I want to use it as Windows 7 on my computer. I'm not a builder. Please help me. I am done with Windows 8.1 and 10.

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Reporting: Buying and installing Windows 7 OEM
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Okay I'm reading online that this is not allowed so I will definitely not do it.

I'll just keep trying tons of different ways to fix the irretrievably broken down Windows 10.

Microsoft is not helping people with this problem at all, despite so many of us having the exact same problem.

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Re: Windows 7

Since it's your PC, everything is allowed. You can install Linux (that's free) and you can install Windows 7 (if you pay for the license, and the motherboard allows it - if only UEFI it won't work). But Windows 7 will only work to your full satisfaction if you can get all needed drivers from the makers site.

Whatever you read online, you must have been misreading it.


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Thank you!

Thank you Kees, I appreciate your answer on that.

I also read that the success of the downgrade to Windows 7 depends on driver availability. And I don't think I'm tech savvy enough to figure that out.

Right now I'm shopping online for an external wifi adapter because someone said that using one (instead of the adapter in their laptop) solved their Windows 10 connectivity problems.

I have a Satellite C75 laptop and I'm not sure which kind of wireless adapter I should buy for it. I'm hoping this might help though. I don't know if I have the knowledge to install Windows 7 myself.

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I love Windows 8.1
Why not revert back to 8.1 and try Classic Shell and make it look like Win 7 ?

It's Free >

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While I'm not having or seeing WiFi issues.
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Thanks R. Proffitt, I will definitely get one with an antenna. I'll order one of the ones on Amazon if they offer int'l shipping.

As for just getting 8.1, I had 8.1 and it also had connection problems. I was praying Windows 10 would fix it but no. Going back to 7 would be the only answer; I'm hoping this wireless adapter idea works.

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Small world?

Remember I work with an office with us strewn across the Windows universe from Windows XP, 7, 8.x and now 10. We also have iPhones, Android Phones, iPads, and so far on the laptops that went from 7 or 8 to 10 didn't find any difference in WiFi range or performance. Yes that's only across a dozen laptops so maybe yours is different but I have doubts.

Given the cost and efforts to change Windows I would test your assertions with a boot to a Live OS. For over a decade I've used bootable OSes like Linux to test out ideas like this.

-> <-

No learning curve for the OS. Some have to learn how to create bootable media but that's a skill every PC owner needs to survive IMO!

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Many people have this problem

I'm glad for you that you're not having connection problems with Windows 10. But I'm having this problem and a lot of other people are as well.

I really appreciate your suggestion but I feel like I'm completely frazzled after trying all the other possible solutions. I'm going to get a wireless adapter if the store will give me like a 30-day return option, in case it doesn't work.

If you go to this forum for Windows 10 help you can see that the other topics have maybe a few hundred views but the one titled "Losing internet connection after installing Windows 10" has 74,728 views right now. That says something.

I'm considering not being a PC owner anymore, lol. I definitely prefer PC to Mac but if I had some money laying around, I would be at the store tomorrow getting a Mac.

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Not much new here.

We saw folk writing the same for the following too.

"Losing internet connection after installing Windows XP"
"Losing internet connection after installing Windows Vista"
"Losing internet connection after installing Windows 7"
"Losing internet connection after installing Windows 8"

Now Vista was a special case. You found Microsoft did change something there. Vista turned on the broadcast flag and a lot of router rebooted when a Vista machine showed up. Something of a death ray for some routers. Now was that the fault of the OS or the router?

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Sure you can...

I certainly hope your PC can have Win7 installed. I see nothing that says it can't because you didn't provide the details of your PC. If in fact your current PC is Win7 capable, then you need the DIY type OEM of Win7. These are self-builders(DIY) or as in your case, upgrading or full "retail" install of Win7. These versions of Win7 are still available by vendors but NOT by MS as a retail purchase. The stocks of vendors are the limiting factor here other than getting the right version as in x64 or x32bit and/or Home Premium, etc..

Now, you need to consider a vendor, I suggest you look or google away. However, I have found NewEgg, TigerDirect and Amazon decent vendors. Amazon the vendor of everything, you should verify the actual source, because outside vendors sell through Amazon, thus check it all out. Plus, again verify what version your purchasing, because if you get the "upgrade type", you need the qualifying OS in order to upgrade from, though it need not be installed, just the authentic discs to do so. If you don't have that, borrow a friend's, to get over this stumbling block. If your current PC came with Win8x, then it should more than likely be able to install Win7. I can only fathom what skills you have, but overall I gather you can do it. Of course, it doesn't hurt to know some PC savvy friend.

There, clear as mud...good luck

tada -----Willy Happy

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Thanks Willy

Willy - Thanks. I'm definitely going to try installing Windows 7 if a USB Wifi adapter doesn't work, so if it comes to that I'll get it on Amazon. Thanks for warning me about the "upgrade" type. I have a Toshiba Satellite C75 laptop. I'm pretty sure it came with Windows 8.1.

R. Proffitt - I'm sure it's true what you're saying but, I've already tried all the simple fixes and I'm naturally losing patience at this point. Happy I don't think the layperson should have to know that much about computers to make it work.

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Need to disable within the bios the secure boot plus the UEFI in order to back pedal as it were. Just be prepared to git your teeth now and then because anything easy may not be so. Various makers try to protect themselves or just make this whole process a PITA. Once all is done, you can re-enable or NOT, whatever way it works.

tada -----Willy Happy

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