The Acer Aspire 2000 series (someone else here is considering a 2025) is very nice as it has the 15.4" widescreen and Pentium M (Dothan processor with 2mb L2 system cache) and it weighs 6.6 pounds. it is one of the few notebooks out there that has the 128mb dedicated ATI 9700 video card (Dell 8600 also has it but it is bulkier and 6.9 pounds).

The HPnc6000 has a high rating from Cnet and the smaller 14.1" LCD (square so no widescreen DVD's or wider spreadsheet view like the Acer) and weighs around 5.5 pounds. The only significant negative is it has no firewire port (business model) but it has USB 2.0 ports).

I don't know about the other Acer but the key thing with Acer is they are all prebuilts.

Also look at the Compaq X1000/HPZT3000 which are very similar the Acer 2000 series (built off same chassis in China by manufacturer) .. you can customize these and pay less than the Acer but you can only go up to 64mb dedicated video. See (also 15.4" widescreen and 6.5 pounds and Pentium M Dothan processor).

And, if you like the new bright contrast viewscreens that Sony came out with first with Xbrite check out the Toshiba M35 series online or the M35S456 in Circuity City/Best buy, etc with the Trubrite 15.4" LCD (6.2 pounds and Pentium M Dothan processor).