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Dan: bd-p3600 Dan: turn on player and it is stuck with "load" on the fron screen, no disk in, no usb in
Dan: i tried unplugging it for over 24 hours and problem persists
Vicky K: Since when you are facing the issue with the unit
Dan: several weeks but just getting around to addressing it
Vicky K: Did the issue started after firmware update?
Dan: after firmware update it worked but would have incompatable input device but after several reboots it would work (incompatable device)
Vicky K: Does the unit play any discs?
Dan: no, it's stuck on "load", wont play disk or USB Dan: wont eject tray unless you turn it on with the eject button, then wont respond with close tray via the button.....will only close if you push it in
Vicky K: May I know what is displayed on the TV screen when you select Bluray as source on the TV?
Dan: blue background with no logo/words/options
Dan: blue backgound looks like the desktop wallpaper per sey Dan: it's being generated by the player not the TV Vicky K: As per the information you have provided it appears to be an issue with the player which needs to be examined.
Dan: is it a mainboard issue?
Vicky K: I am sorry, the issue with the internal part can only be confirmed by physical examination by the technician.
Dan: so how much to repair?
Vicky K: It may cost you around $ 110.00 to get the unit examined.
Dan: does that include repair, or is that diagnostics? Vicky K: It include repair. Dan: and is there a local repair shop in seattle or close to zip 98036?
Vicky K: Once you file a service request the service will be allocated to the local service center. You have to send the unit to this service center to get it serviced.
Vicky K: Shall I provide you the link to file a service link to get the product examined by the authorized service center?
Dan: is there a way to source the bd-p3600a/xaa main board without the firmare issues that go along with this unit?
Vicky K: I am sorry; it is not possible.
Dan: I mean for $99 I can buy a Roku box that actually streams correctly and forego the Blu-ray completely (I dont really purchase this media anyway dut to high costs)
Vicky K: The service cost I have provided is estimated cost. Once you file an online service ticket, you get list of service center details. You can call them to know the exact cost for servicing the device.
Dan: well it really sucks that i was an early adopter due to the advertised streaming capabilities of this unit (which never worked), paid $350 with tax, and it lasted 2.5 years
Vicky K: I understand your concern. Vicky K: Do you have any other questions for me on the product?
Dan: so, at this point due to the advertised straming which never worked, and the surmountable cost of this unit (and repair), I will be forced to buy another unit from another company unless Samsung wants to warranty these types of issues
Dan: straming
Dan: streaming
Vicky K: The player has one year warranty on the product. As the unit is out of warranty it cannot be serviced under warranty.
Dan: thanks and make sure you pass up the food chain that this will be the case: due to the advertised streaming which never worked, and the surmountable cost of this unit (and repair), I will be forced to buy another unit from another company
Vicky K: You're welcome.
Vicky K: I will forward you concern to concerned department.
Vicky K: Is there anything else I can assist you with?
Dan: nope, thanks
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