Buying the latest and greatest will help in your quest but as time goes by it will lose that edge. Further, if you multi-task often then really you're placing the system at an disadvantage even though capable, sooner or later it will reach a tipping point of no return. After all, you can only do so much and wait the results in order to apply them. I wish it was better in answering this but find users want way too much from their systems, even if they paid for such. The results return of multi-tasking gets in the way of each task if overdone so a balance must be applied.

Of course if the new system is better than your current you should see improvement. All this balances out when actually applied to the real world. In other words, expect improvements but not that much. Like all new systems, the user will find out that it too will become slow. The adage, "what Intel giveth, MS taketh away" will apply.

tada -----Willy Happy